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Avery job seeker is in a different career situation reflecting they age, education, qualifications, experience and needs. Resume writing seems tough for those who are writing it for first time. Even experienced resume writers are confused, since one needs some knowledge of resume styles/ formats and resume writing tips.

A resume is not a simple document. Some people, particularly professional resume writers, claim that resume writing is an art. Firstly, it is customized based on your personality, qualifications, skills and experience. Secondly, the industry and/or profession you want to work in also has some specific requirements. The way you mention your qualifications, skills, experience, education etc. varies. This makes it essential for you to understand and choose the right sample resume for yourself.

Below we present to you a list of sample resumes from a wide range of professionals at different career levels from student and entry level sample resumes, professional, mid management and executive sample resumes. Every resume is one-of-a-kind "marketing statement". It should be appropriate to the position you apply for.

The resume samples by industry page is a good source of sample resumes listed in 28 industries. Please research that listing so you may get some stylistic ideas and knowledge of resume formats/types. Narrow your search by choosing appropriate sample resumes category from below list.

Sample Resumes by Career Situation:

Graduate Management Changing Careers Reentering the Workforce
Entry Level Executive Frequent Job Changes Federal Jobs
Trades and Blue Collar Military Transition Gaps in Work History Overqualified
Consulting and Freelance Ex-Inmates Multiple Jobs at Same Company Self Employment

In addition you may search for resume keywords by industry and sample resumes categorized by industry.

art_tip sample resumesIf you have a difficulty with your resume writing, instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use:

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Good luck with the sample resumes.


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