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Construction companies manufacture and/or provide building, developing, and/or general contracting materials or services.

Construction, erection and installation occupations include construction managers, project managers, site supervisors, surveyors, occupational health and safety inspectors, building inspectors, builders, carpenters and other personnel required for construction projects. Also includes salespeople for building supplies.

Construction managers, project engineers, and others, increasingly are called constructors. Constructors manage, coordinate and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction on a timely and economical basis. Given designs for buildings, roads, bridges or other projects, constructors oversee the organization, scheduling and implementation of the project to execute those designs. They are responsible for coordinating and managing people, materials, and equipment; budgets, schedules, and contracts; and safety of employees and the public.

On large projects, the owner hires a general contractor to manage all activities. Working for the general contractor, construction managers oversee the completion of all construction in accordance with the engineer’s and architect’s drawings and specifications and prevailing building codes. They arrange for trade contractors to perform specialized craft work or other specified construction work.

On small projects, such as remodeling a home, a self-employed construction manager or skilled trade’s worker who directs and oversees employees often is referred to as the construction “contractor”.

In the construction management system, the owner hires a firm to oversee all aspects of the project. The management firm will then hire a general contractor to run the construction process and oversee construction of the structure. The major difference from the general contractor system is that the hired management firm, rather than the owner, works with the individual construction manager.

In the design-build system, the owners, architects, general contractors, and major subcontractors are brought together to cooperatively plan and design the project. The design-build group may be from an individual firm or a conglomeration of separate entities.

The construction manager participates during the design process and may be in charge of the construction project once the design is agreed.

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