Data Entry Clerk Occupation, Job and Career

Data Entry Clerk Nature of Work

Data processing operators use terminal keyboards and visual display units to input coded, statistical and other information into a computer for storage, processing and transmission. They are employed in offices and computer centers throughout the private and public sectors.

Progression to senior positions is possible with experience.

Data Entry Clerk Work Conditions

Data entry workers usually work a standard 40-hour week in clean offices. They sit for long periods and sometimes must contend with high noise levels caused by various office machines. These workers are susceptible to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back injuries and eyestrain.

Data Entry Clerk Personal Requirements

  • Able to work quickly and accurately
  • Able to concentrate for long periods
  • Attention to detail
  • Good at working with computers

Data Entry Clerk Employment Requirements

Employers generally hire high school graduates who meet their requirements for keyboarding speed. Increasingly, employers also are expecting applicants to have training or experience in word processing or data entry tasks. Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills are important, as is familiarity with standard office equipment and procedures.

Data Entry Clerk Duties and Tasks

Data Entry Clerks may perform some or all of the following duties and tasks:

  • Check messages sent to and from computers
  • Identify, label and store diskettes, disks and tapes
  • Input information in prescribed formats such as reports, mailing lists, accounts, payrolls, staff records or scientific information
  • Input source data to diskettes, disks and tapes for storage using computers and data entry consoles
  • Look at diagnostic messages on screens to detect malfunctions and report to supervisors
  • Maintain databases
  • Maintain libraries of diskettes, disks and tapes
  • Receive and register invoices, forms, records and other documents for data capture
  • Retrieve, confirm and update data in storage
  • Transfer data between different kinds of software
  • Verify accuracy and completeness of data

Data Entry Clerk Example Titles

  • Data Control Clerk
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Input Clerk
  • Data Processor
  • Payment Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk Related Occupations

Data Entry Related Industries

All private and public industries i.e.

Data Entry Clerk Related Resumes

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