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Engineering Careers

Engineering companies provide supervision, engineering development, planning and/or design services.

Engineering occupations include electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, metallurgists, metallurgical engineers, engineering managers, project engineers, supervisors and other positions requiring an university engineering degree or membership in an engineering association.

Engineering firms plan, coordinate, and direct research, design, and production activities. Engineering firms may supervise engineers, scientists and technicians, along with support personnel such as electricians, millwrights and mechanics. Engineering professionals use advanced technical knowledge of engineering and science to oversee a variety of activities.

Engineering firms determine scientific and technical goals within broad outlines provided by top executives. These goals may include improving manufacturing processes, advancing scientific research, or developing new products. Engineering firms make detailed plans to accomplish these goals—for example; they may develop the overall concepts of a new product or identify technical problems preventing the completion of a project.

To perform effectively, engineering firms also must possess knowledge of administrative procedures, such as budgeting, hiring and supervision. Engineering firms propose budgets for projects and programs and determine staff, training and equipment needs. Engineering firms hire and assign scientists, engineers, and support personnel to carry out specific parts of each project. Engineering professionals also supervise the work of these employees, review their output and establish administrative procedures and policies—including environmental standards, for example.

In addition, engineering firms use communication skills extensively. They spend a great deal of time coordinating the activities of their unit with those of other units or organizations. Engineering managers confer with higher levels of management; with financial, production, marketing and other managers; and with contractors and equipment and materials suppliers.

Engineering firms/professionals supervise people who design and develop machinery, products, systems, and processes; or direct and coordinate production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance in industrial plants. Many are plant engineers, who direct and coordinate the design, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery in industrial plants. Others manage research and development teams that produce new products and processes or improve existing ones.

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All private and government industries i.e.

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