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Environmental companies provide waste collection, waste treatment and disposal, recycling, remediation, environmental engineering, environmental consulting services, and/or provide purification and filtration technology and equipment, industrial air filters, and pollution control systems.

Environmental occupations include environmental compliance specialists, environmental engineers and managers, environmental chemists, hydrogeologists, wastewater technicians, environmental technicians, pollution control officers, conservation officers:

Environmental scientists and engineers use their knowledge of the physical makeup and history of the Earth to protect the environment; locate water, mineral, and energy resources; predict future geologic hazards; and offer advice on construction and land-use projects.

Environmental scientists conduct research to identify and abate or eliminate sources of pollutants that affect people, wildlife and their environments. Environmental scientists analyze and report measurements and observations of air, water, soil, and other sources and make recommendations on how best to clean and preserve the environment.

Many environmentalists do work and have training that is similar to other physical or life scientists, but is applied to environmental areas. Many specialize in some specific area, such as environmental ecology and conservation, environmental chemistry, environmental biology, or fisheries science. Most environmental scientists are further classified by the specific activity they perform. For example, environmental ecologists study the relationships between organisms and their environments and the effects of influences such as population size, pollutants, rainfall, temperature and altitude.

Ecological modelers study ecosystems, the control of environmental pollution and the management of resources. These environmental scientists may use mathematical modeling, systems analysis, thermodynamics and computer techniques.

Environmental chemists may study the toxicity of various chemicals—how those chemicals affect plants, animals and people.

Geochemists study the nature and distribution of chemical elements in ground water and Earth materials.

Many environmental scientists work as consultants to business firms or to government agencies, helping them comply with environmental policy, particularly with regard to ground-water contamination and flood control. Environmental scientists who determine policy may help identify how human behavior can be modified in the future to avoid such problems as ground-water contamination and depletion of the ozone layer.

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