Financial Planner Occupation, Job and Career

Financial planners develop and implement financial plans for their clients. Some of the areas a financial planner will advise on are retirement planning, superannuation, taxation, debt management, insurance and risk, estate planning, managed investments, securities and futures markets. Financial planners may also specialize in such areas as ethical investments, loans and mortgage advice, taxation advice and more.

Financial Planner Nature of Work

Financial planners collect and analyze financial information such as economic forecasts, trading volumes and the movement of capital, financial backgrounds of companies, historical performances and future trends of stocks, bonds and other investment instruments to provide financial and investment or financing advice for their company or their company's clients. Financial planners studies and evaluates cover areas such as takeover bids, private placements, mergers or acquisitions.

Financial Planner Work Conditions

Financial planners generally work in an office; however, some may visit their clients, or prospective clients, at their homes or workplaces, sometimes outside of normal working hours.

Financial Planner Personal Requirements

  • able to acquire sound technical skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to work independently
  • able to work under pressure
  • good analytical skills
  • good inter-personal and communication skills
  • high level of attention to detail

Financial Planner Employment Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in commerce, business administration or economics and
  • On-the-job training and industry courses and programs are usually required
  • A master's degree such as business administration or in finance may be required

Financial Planners Duties and Tasks

Financial planners may perform the following tasks:

  • analyze client's financial status in regard to their objectives and identify any issues or problems
  • assist client in implementing the financial plan
  • gather clients' financial data such as income, cash flow, debts, loan repayments, investments and living expenses
  • identify clients' goals, objectives and their attitude to risk
  • keep up your personal knowledge of changes in financial markets, the economy and relevant legislation
  • prepare a written financial plan
  • refer clients to obtain services outlined in financial plan such as banking or insurance
  • regularly review and revise plans based on changes in the client's needs and changes in investment markets and the economy

Financial Planner Example Titles

  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Analysts
  • Money Market Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers

Financial Planner Related Occupations

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