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Before you start search for international careers you need to define what you are really looking for. The way you work internationally will depend on your personal situation and interests. So-called overseas and international  careers come in all sizes, shapes and forms. You can be surprised to realize that in fact, that most of all so called "international" careers are located in your country.

International jobs and bilingual jobs include positions based outside the country of residence, requiring significant international experience or where the ability to speak a second language is a principal requirement of the position. Also includes translators and interpreters.

There are many positions in foreign countries that require professionals who are fluent in English and who can speak local language at the business conversation level.

Foreign language is integral to success in the international setting. It is increasingly recognized as a key element in assignment success.

The ability to communicate in the local language of international colleagues and clients facilitates relationship building and fosters an atmosphere of credibility and trust.

Knowledge of the local language gives international assignees a more thorough understanding of the host country's culture. Attaining a high level of linguistic proficiency can mean the difference between the success and failure of an international assignment.

International job seekers should be prepared to take the foreign country as it is with all of its difficulties, contradictions and challenges.

The international applicants should be familiar with basic information related to country in which they are seeking employment. Knowledge of geographical and economics data could be crucial during a job interview.

The international applicants should be aware of the regional differences in both cultural manners and language, if you want to apply successfully for an international job.

Although local language is not essential, a sound working knowledge of the language is considered necessary to cope with daily office life and life outside work.

There are exceptions within some technical areas i.e. IT industry and in the tourism industry. Not speaking local language will not necessarily hurt you.

Having linguistically proficient personnel is often the best way to build and maintain relationships with local nationals. As users’ confidence in the target language increases, so does their ability to identify opportunities and broaden business capabilities.

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All private and public industries i.e.

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You may search for international careers or international occupation right now, but when you find one you must apply immediately for it with your current CV or resume. We recommend that you have your cover letter ready too. So, do not forget about our resume writing, CV writing and cover letter writing advices.

art_tip international careersBefore you start searching for international careers you need to prepare your resume or CV and cover letter.

for CVs:

for resumes:

Because CVs and resumes refer mainly to the past time with exception of your present job and employers are interested mostly in the future of they companies, often cover letters are more important or convincing to them then the accompanying resume or CV. So, prepare a cover letter.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

When your international job application consisting of your job cover letter and resume or CV is completed you are ready to submit them to employers and job recruiters in places where you want to work.

When a potential employer invite you for an interview, you need to prepare yourself to win at the interview and get the job you want.

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Good luck with international careers!


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