Management Consultant Occupation, Job and Career

Management Consultant Nature of Work

Management consultants includes those who provide services to management such as analyzing the operations, managerial methods or functions of an organization in order to propose, plan and implement improvements, or analyzing advertising needs and developing appropriate advertising plans. Management consultants are employed by management consulting firms, advertising agencies and throughout the public and private sectors or are self-employed.

Management Consultant Work Conditions

Management consultants usually work indoors in offices. When assessing an organization's systems, they may have to work at that organization's premises.

Management Consultant Personal Requirements

  • able to analyze and solve problems
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • interested in people, process and resource management
  • logical thinking
  • organizational skills
  • tact and discretion

Management Consultant Employment Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or college diploma in business administration or commerce is usually required
  • A graduate degree in business administration may be required.

Management Consultant Duties and Tasks

Management consultants may perform the following tasks:

  • assess the types of tasks undertaken in each section, the methods or systems used, length of time taken for an individual to complete a task and any problems involved in undertaking the task
  • assist in the implementation of new systems
  • consult internal training manuals, files and job descriptions to obtain additional information
  • gather information relating to the function of each area within an organization and the specific duties undertaken by each individual, by talking with managers or supervisors and interviewing other staff
  • identify problem areas and find solutions by considering alternatives, taking into account the benefits and costs of any recommendations
  • study data such as statistical records, reports and organizational charts
  • talk to experts in other fields when introducing new equipment such as computers
  • write detailed reports and provide statistical evidence to support their conclusions

Management Consultants Example Titles

  • Business Management Consultant
  • Business Methods Analyst
  • Consultant, Organizational Analysis
  • Management Analyst
  • Organizational Analyst
  • Promotion Specialist
  • Senior Consultant

Management Consultant Related Occupations

  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Marketing Consultants

Consulting Related Industries

All private and government industries i.e.

Management Consultant Related Resumes

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