Mining Engineer Occupation, Job and Career

Mining Engineer Nature of Work

Mining engineers plan, direct, design, organize and supervise the development of mines, mine facilities, systems and equipment; and prepare and supervise the extraction of metallic or non-metallic minerals and ores from underground or surface mines. Mining engineers are employed by mining companies, consulting engineering companies, manufacturers, government and in educational and research

Mining Engineer Work Conditions

Mining engineers may work on site in remote areas. They often work for international companies and may travel or work overseas.

Mining Engineer Personal Requirements

  • able to accept responsibility
  • able to identify, analyze and solve problems
  • able to think and act decisively
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to work independently
  • aptitude for computing and design
  • enjoy technical and engineering work
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • practical and creative
  • willing to adhere to the safety requirements of the operation

Mining Engineer Employment Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in mining engineering or in a related engineering discipline
  • Engineers are eligible for registration following graduation after three or four years of supervised work experience in engineering
  • Supervisory and senior positions require experience.

Mining Engineers Duties and Tasks

Mining engineers may perform the following tasks:

  • conduct investigations of mineral deposits and undertake evaluations in collaboration with geologists, other earth scientists and economists to determine whether the mineral deposits can be mined profitably
  • determine the most suitable method of mining the minerals taking into account factors such as the depth and characteristics of the deposit and its surroundings
  • prepare plans for mines, including tunnels and shafts for underground operations, and pits and haulage roads for open-cut operations, using computer-aided design packages
  • prepare the layout of the mine development and the procedure by which the minerals are to be mined
  • plan and coordinate the employment of mining staff and equipment with regard to efficiency, safety and environmental conditions
  • talk to geologists and other engineers about the design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining, as well as infrastructure such as access roads, water and power supplies
  • liaise and coordinate with the operations supervisor to make sure there is proper implementation of the plans
  • operate computers to assist with calculations, prepare estimates on the cost of the operation and control expenditure when mines come into production
  • oversee the construction of the mine and the installation of plant and equipment
  • make sure that mining regulations are observed, including the proper use and care of explosives, and the correct ventilation to allow the removal of dust and gases
  • conduct research aimed at improving efficiency and safety in mines
  • establish first aid and emergency services facilities at the mines

Mining Engineer Example Titles

  • Mine Development Engineer
  • Mine Layout Engineer
  • Mine Safety Engineer
  • Mine Ventilation Engineer
  • Minerals Engineer

Mining Engineer Related Occupations

  • Drillers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Geological Engineers
  • Metallurgists
  • Mine Managers
  • Miners
  • Mineral Process Engineers

Mining Related Industries

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