Personnel Officer Occupation, Job and Career

Personnel Officer Nature of Work

Personnel officers provide administration services for the recruitment and employment of staff. Personnel officers identify and advertise job vacancies, recruit candidates, and assist in the selection and reassignment of employees. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors.

Personnel Officer Work Conditions

In small organizations, personnel officers are usually responsible for all staffing matters. In large organizations, they may specialize in a particular area, such as recruitment, wages and entitlements or staff training.

Personnel Officer Personal Requirements

  • confidentiality, tact and discretion when dealing with people
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • good planning, organizational, analytical and decision-making skills

Personnel Officer Employment Requirements

  • A university degree or college diploma in a field related to personnel management such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce or psychology or
  • Completion of a professional development program in personnel administration is usually required
  • Certification may be required
  • Some experience in a clerical or administrative position related to personnel administration may be required

Personnel Officer Duties and Tasks

Human resources officers may perform the following tasks:

  • advertise staff vacancies, assess applications, interview applicants, give selection tests, prepare reports and make recommendations to management about staff appointments
  • advise employees on work matters, career development, personal problems and industrial matters, and organize employee welfare services such as canteens, first aid, superannuation and social activities
  • analyze the skills and qualities required for each particular job and develop job descriptions and duty statements
  • arrange for and conduct staff training
  • conduct analyses to determine staffing numbers, skills and needs to meet the organization’s objectives
  • help put in place organizational changes
  • maintain personnel records tracking employment history, promotions, transfers, salaries, superannuation, and training
  • maintain the personal records of employees on matters such as wages, superannuation, leave and training, and prepare associated management reports
  • provide advice and information to management and employees on personnel policies and procedures, including equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and occupational health and safety programs
  • take part in enterprise bargaining talks where employees, management and unions discuss the development of specific work arrangements and conditions
  • take part in strategic management
  • use a number of management information systems to record, maintain, plan and manage the organization’s human resources

Personnel Officer Example Titles

  • Human Resources Officer
  • Placement Officer
  • Recruiter
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Staffing Analyst

Personnel Officer Related Occupations

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Industrial Relations Officers
  • Occupational Health and Safety Officers
  • Personnel Clerks
  • Project Support Officers
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Training Officers

Human Resources Related Industries

All private and government industries i.e.

Personnel Officer Related Resumes

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