Physiotherapist Occupation, Job and Career

Physiotherapist Nature of Work

Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury and disease. Physiotherapists assess patients, plan, and carry out individually designed treatment programs to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in patients. Physiotherapists are employed in hospitals, clinics, industry, sports organizations, rehabilitation centers and extended care facilities, or they may work in private practice.

Physiotherapist Work Conditions

Physiotherapists may work as part of a health care team, independently in private practice, within the school system or as industry consultants.

Physiotherapist Personal Requirements

  • genuine interest in people
  • good communication skills
  • good health
  • patience
  • physically fit
  • problem-solving skills

Physiotherapist Employment Requirements

  • A university degree in physiotherapy and a period of supervised practical training
  • A license or registration with a regulatory may be required.

Physiotherapists Duties and Tasks

Physiotherapists may perform the following tasks:

  • assess the physical condition of patients to diagnose problems and plan appropriate treatment
  • educate patients, their families and the community to prevent injury and disability and to lead healthy lifestyles
  • maintain patient records
  • perform spinal and peripheral joint mobilization and manipulation
  • plan and implement community fitness programs
  • re-train patients to walk or to use devices such as walking frames, splints, crutches and wheelchairs
  • use a range of techniques to strengthen and stretch muscles and joints to improve patient mobility (perform massage, hydrotherapy, breathing and relaxation techniques)
  • use equipment such as heat packs, exercise equipment, ice packs, ultrasound and electrotherapy to ease pain, reduce swelling and improve range of movement

Physiotherapist Example Titles

  • Physical Therapist
  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • Research Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Related Occupations

  • Chiropractor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical rehabilitation technicians

Physiotherapist Related Industries

Physiotherapist Occupation Related Resumes

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