Pulp and Paper Operator Occupation, Job and Career

Pulp and Paper Operator Nature of Work

Pulp and paper operators operate and monitor various types of processing machinery and equipment to produce pulp and paper. Pulp and paper companies employ them.

Pulp and Paper Operator Work Conditions

Pulp and paper operators need to be responsible and careful when handling machinery.

Pulp and Paper Operator Personal Requirements

  • able to handle multiple tasks
  • able to work as part of a team
  • aptitude for problem solving
  • enjoy practical and manual work
  • mechanical aptitude
  • safety conscious

Pulp and Paper Operator Employment Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school and
  • completion of several weeks of formal company training and several months of on-the-job training
  • previous experience as a pulp mill laborer within the same company is usually required.

Pulp and Paper Operator Duties and Tasks

Pulp and paper operators may perform the following tasks:

  • adjusts steam pressure and temperature of dryers and hot air rollers
  • checks and starts auxiliary equipment such as agitators, pumps and filters
  • compiles production records and reports
  • inspects samples of products and laboratory reports and adjusts stock flow rates, speed and pitch of belts, frequency and amplitude of shaking, and pressures on pulp rollers
  • operate machines which cut paper from rolls into sheets, stack them and remove and stack defective sheets
  • operate size tubs, or spray paper with dyes, steam or water to finish
  • operates controls to regulate the flow of white water and pulp stock into machine head boxes and on to wire-mesh belts for forming
  • positions rolls of paper on machine reel stands using hoists, and fastens collars and guides to secure them on shafts
  • sets up other equipment, starts machines and observes paper to detect wrinkles and makes adjustments to keep it smooth
  • threads paper around tensioner rollers, through machines and on to take-up rollers

Pulp and Paper Operator Example Titles

  • Bleacher Operator
  • Digester Operator
  • Refiner Operator
  • Repulper Operator
  • Screenman

Pulp and Paper Operator Related Occupations

  • Plastics and Composites Processors
  • Pulping Control Operators
  • Rubber Processors
  • Wood or Paper Processing Machine Operators

Pulp and Paper Related Industries

Pulp and Paper Related Resumes

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