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Quality Control Careers

Quality control companies provide quality assurance control services to commercial businesses, establishments and organizations, including consulting, advertising and marketing services, and facilities maintenance.

Quality control occupations include quality engineers, quality auditors, statistical process control coordinators, test engineers, reliability managers, quality assurance technicians, quality assurance inspectors, TQM consultants, continuous improvement coordinators, testers and ISO 9000 inspectors.

Regardless of title, all quality inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and weighers work to guarantee the quality of the goods their firms produce. Job duties, even within one company, vary by the type of products produced or the stage of production.

Specific job duties also vary across the wide range of industries in which quality workers are found. For example, quality inspectors may check products by sight, sound, feel, smell, or even taste to locate imperfections such as cuts, scratches, bubbles, missing pieces, misbehaves, or crooked seams. These quality workers also may verify dimensions, color, weight, texture, strength or other physical characteristics of objects.

Machinery testers generally verify that parts fit, move correctly, and are properly lubricated; check the pressure of gases and the level of liquids; test the flow of electricity; and do a test run to check for proper operation. Some jobs involve only a quick visual inspection; others require a longer, detailed one.

Sorters may separate goods according to length, size, fabric type or color, while samplers test or inspect a sample taken from a batch or production run for malfunctions or defects.

Weighers weigh quantities of materials for use in production.

Quality inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and weighers are involved at every stage of the production process. Some quality inspectors examine materials received from a supplier before sending them to the production line. Other quality inspectors inspect components and assemblies or perform a final check on the finished product. Depending on their skill level, quality inspectors also may set up and test equipment, calibrate precision instruments, repair defective products, or record data.

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