School Principal Occupation, Job and Career

School Principal Work Conditions

School principals generally work in an office or classroom in primary or secondary schools. They work long hours that may include evenings and weekends.

Principals confer with staff to advise, explain or answer procedural questions. They visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, review instructional objectives, and examine learning materials. They actively work with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum standards; develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives. Principals must use clear, objective guidelines for teacher appraisals, because pay often is based on performance ratings.

Principals also meet and interact with other administrators, students, parents and representatives of community organizations.

Principals prepare budgets and reports on various subjects, including finances and attendance, and oversee the requisition and allocation of supplies.

Principals must take an active role to ensure that students meet national and local academic standards. Many principals develop school/business partnerships and school-to-work transition programs for students.

During summer months, principals are responsible for planning for the upcoming year, overseeing summer school, participating in workshops for teachers and administrators, supervising building repairs and improvements, and working to be sure the school has adequate staff for the school year.

School Principal Personal Requirements

  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to work under pressure and remain calm in stressful situations
  • attention to detail
  • good analytical skills
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • very good leadership skills

School Principal Employment Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in education
  • A master's degree in education may be required
  • A teacher's certificate
  • Several years of experience as a senior teacher

School Principal Duties and Tasks

A school principal may perform the following tasks:

  • develop approaches to management and policy within broad governmental guidelines in conjunction with the school council
  • enforce discipline within the school
  • identify student and staff needs now and in the future, and develop ways of addressing those needs
  • implement systems and procedures to check school performance and student enrollments, the receipt of fees and the collection and storage of information required for reporting purposes
  • liaise with other schools, parents and the wider community
  • manage and coordinate the educational, administrative and financial affairs of a school
  • manage arrangements for internal examinations
  • manage staff recruitment and training
  • organize and implement methods of raising additional funds in conjunction with parent groups
  • perform teaching tasks
  • promote the school through publicity, the development of promotional material, and contact with other organizations including school councils
  • represent the school at community and administrative meetings
  • supervise the maintenance of school facilities to provide a safe working environment for staff and students

School Principal Example Titles

  • Chief Superintendent - Schools
  • District School Superintendent
  • Headmaster, Private School
  • Secondary School Principal
  • Superintendent of Elementary Education
  • Superintendent of Secondary Schools
  • Vice-Principal, School

School Principal Related Occupations

  • Child Care Coordinator
  • Education Manager
  • Education Officer
  • Teacher - English as a Second Language
  • Teacher - Physical Education

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