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Telecom companies provide voice, data and video communications services.

Telecom occupations include cable, wireline, wireless, broadcasting managers, telecommunications engineers, telecommunication technicians, telephony analysts, switch technicians, network engineers, network engineers, fiber optic engineers and technicians, network support analysts, TCP/IP engineers.

Telecommunication is the extension of communication over a distance. In practice, it also recognizes that something may be lost in the process; hence, the term 'telecommunication' covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data communication and computer networking.

The elements of a telecommunication system are a transmitter, a medium (line) and possibly a channel imposed upon the medium (baseband and broadband), and a receiver. The transmitter is a device that transforms or encodes the message into a physical phenomenon - the signal. The transmission medium, by its physical nature, is likely to modify or degrade the signal on its path from the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver has a decoding mechanism capable of recovering the message within certain limits of signal degradation. In some cases, the final "receiver" is the human eye and/or ear and the recovery of the message is done by the brain.

Telecommunication can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or broadcasting, which is a particular form of point-to-multipoint that goes only from the transmitter to the receivers.

Early telecommunication systems were predominantly based on analog electronic circuit design and used a single encoding technique. The introduction of mass-produced digital integrated circuits has enabled telecom engineers to take full advantage of information theory and simultaneously use multiple encoding techniques. From the demands of telecom circuitry, a whole specialist area of integrated circuit design has emerged called digital signal processing.

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