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Over 19 years of experience in system characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies. Proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions in the promotion, integration, and support of product lines with customers' processes and devices.

Major strengths include:

• Performance Test Simulation/Verification • Marketing Analysis
• Optical/Electro-Mechanical Design • Project/Budget Management
• New Product Transition • Customer Training
Wafer Systems: DSW Steppers (Direct Stepper on Wafer System) Model 8500, AutoStep System, and XLS System; Wafertrac (Coating and Developing Equipment); WafertechTM (Wafer Etch Equipment); Perkin-Elmer Auto Alignment System.
Photo Masking: Leitz 200-1; 3000 Pattern Generator; APT 914 Processor; Leitz Overlay Comparator (red/green); Ultratech Contact Printers; 3696, 3095 and 1795 and 1480 Model Photorepeaters; TRE Criss Cross.
Processes: CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) as single and double metals layers; PMOS (P-channel); NMOS (N-channel); Bipolar, Chrome and Emulsion reticles and plates; GaAs (gallium arsenide), Silicon, and Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) Wafers.
Instructor: Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodologies for developing control charts to analyze processes; Basic and Advanced Operations of DSW; Steppers; Application of Metrology to Process in Advanced Operations; Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard for Hazardous Chemicals; Introduction to BASIC Programming; Lotus 123 and Excel software applications.
Octagon Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
1988 - Present
Applications Engineer
Conducted mark evaluation performance tests in the alignment of customers' processes to the installation of new stepper system equipment. Analyzed weaknesses in operational efficiency regarding process issues, and strengthened corresponding areas in training and test verification procedures.
* Introduced a mock source testing procedure that ensured availability of product parts and improved the acceptance testing rate by 50%.
* Developed a mock source road map that provided a step-by-step procedure for documenting the acceptance testing protocols resulting in an 80% improvement over installation time.
* Successfully designed and implemented an automated technical information center improving access time to technical data for field service personnel.
* Recruited by the Corporation's Training Department to develop and conduct technical training courses for internal and customer audiences.
Octagon Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
1983 - 1988
Sales Engineer
Selected as the first Sales Engineer for the Los Angeles office. Identified potential business opportunities in the Southern California region. Represented the company at trade shows and corporate sales presentations.
* Conducted a first-ever marketing analysis for the region that identified potential customers by organization, geographic location, anticipated buying cycle activity, and a corresponding sales plan.
* Identified 30 potential new customers and sold 5 lithographic fabrication systems totaling $1.6 million.
* Developed and managed seven Fortune 500 customer account plans.
Helix International, Pasadena, CA
1974 - 1983
Process Engineer
Organized and conducted characterizations of stepper systems for use in the 6 and 3 micron technologies.
* Initiated a departmental demonstration program resulting in an increased 10% probe yield for the 6 micron and an increased 30% probe yield for the 3 micron devices respectively, in the application of DSW?µ Stepper technology. The Company subsequently purchased 8 new systems over a 6 year period.
* Designed a photolithography area for use of the new stepper equipment that increased production efficiency of usable wafer probe yields.
* Initiated the start-up of the Perkin-Elmer Auto Alignment System into full production increasing average throughput by 50%.
US Army (Heavy Equipment Maintenance), Ft. Knox, KY
Company Clerk
Produced daily personnel status reports. Enrolled in black/white photography classes after duty hours at the installation's Craft Shop. Produced award-winning entries at Army-wide competitive events, and later became a photography instructor at the installation.
Acme Electronics, Mojave, CA
Electrical Assembly Technician
Assembled Air Conditioning/Heating ground support equipment for the B52 Bomber and electrical ground support equipment for the F104 Fighter aircraft.
• The Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations; The Dale Carnegie Institute.
• The Dale Carnegie Course in Sales; The Dale Carnegie Institute.
• Winning the Sales Game; The Compo Group.
• Strategies of Selling Technical/Industrial Products; The American Management Association.
• Train The Trainer; Creative Management Training, International.
• Operational courses for all phases of the DSW System.
• Operational course for the PE240.
• Computer course in Basic.
• 22 Quarter Hours in English, Computer Science, and Mathematics, Riverside City College/Saddleback Community College.

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