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Business Development / Strategic Marketing / Partner Alliance Cultivation
An executive-level business developer with in-depth experience establishing thriving partner alliances and strategic marketing programs that significantly increase revenue. Background incorporates building a start-up software company, and successfully launching new OEM technologies, hardware components, and software products for leading Fortune 500 enterprises. Ability to effectively direct cross-functional teams of technical and sales professionals, as well as manage vendor and client relationships within leading-edge, high technology environments. Responsible for enhancing product knowledge, end-user confidence, and marketability using persuasive sales and promotional techniques. A renowned public speaker with a captivating presence, coupled with IT subject matter expertise. Possess excellent leadership and communications skills.
  • Developed winning partnerships with software vendors, hardware developers, resellers, and distributors for top companies to establish new revenue and product credibility.
  • Created innovative marketing and partner development programs for start-up and high growth companies, which allowed these enterprises to maintain positive product reputation and generate additional profits.
  • Created and negotiated contracts with worldwide manufacturers and suppliers, which led to a renewal contract saving one of the companies over $600,000 in fixed costs.
  • Launched and managed new software and hardware products, as well as created comprehensive product life-cycle plans for established and start-up companies.
  • Directed and executed promotional programs at trade-shows and special-focused events that increased customer and employee product knowledge by at least 30%.
  • Identified, recruited, and developed business partnerships to greatly expand sales for a startup company that resulted in generating $3 million in new sales within the first year.
  • Frequently called upon as an IT subject matter expert to author articles and publications, and present forward-thinking topics at technically focused conferences.
  • Managed a team of channel and 3rd party salespeople where revenue goals were often exceeded by up to 25%.
Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development 2001- Present
Prelude is a software solutions provider that develops pioneering applications for networking and storage environments. The company’s primary software product, e-Access, can improve response time by 300% and substantially reduce network traffic.  
  • Successfully develop business relationships with third-party companies to create a synergy that would yield high sales revenue, and raised $4.5 million in funds to continue the company’s operations running for over two years.
  • Use persuasive sales techniques and business management skills to develop strategic marketing plans that increase awareness of new solutions to ascertain sales after the delivery of products.
  • Accountable for establishing the company’s first technical field support organization that properly assists sales team and partners in testing and presenting software solutions to their client base.
  • Responsible for training and mentoring five direct reports that manage the technical field support organization.
Manager of Application Solutions 1992 – 2001
M-Tech Computer Group is a small division of Milton Technologies, Inc., a leader in embedded solutions for OEMs. The company sells hardware and software that would be incorporated into other products by OEM customers. Principal marketplaces are telecommunications, medical, and government.
  • Drove sales revenue and increased market share for M-Tech Computer Group products through innovative marketing techniques.
  • Directed marketing programs for several years with the primary objective to increase revenue by educating sales representatives, customers, prospects, and partners on M-Tech products.
  • Served in the capacity of software product marketing manager for commercial products and operating systems, as well as developed a much-needed application team, which supported software packaging solutions for new technologies.
  • Organized and managed 15 national and international trade-shows.
  • Assisted with developing a 24 member organization responsible for establishing partnerships with hardware and software companies, and played an active role with hiring staff and creating the organization’s structure.
  • Managed four direct reports and led the team responsible for creating alliances with technical vendors used by mutual customers.
WARREN LABORATORIES (Nova Solutions and Services) Englewood, CO
Vendor Development Manager 1986 - 1991
Warren Laboratories became famous for revolutionizing computer systems for the office.  Acquired in 1979, and now known as Nova Solutions and Services, the company is a leading provider of vendor-independent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services.
  • Recruited, developed, and expanded Warren’s regional third-party channel programs for resellers, ISVs, and dealers, which resulted in introducing new partners to market and sell minicomputers, PC voice systems, communication processors, and image processing systems.
  • Increased sales from $7 million to $11 million while the staff was reduced from 7 to 4.
  • Managed seven direct reports and led a team that surpassed booking and revenue quotas, maintaining the #1 sales status in the area region for several years.
Marketing Manager 1983 - 1986
Unidata is a company that provides design and consulting services to OEM manufacturers around the world. The company develops embedded system components for printers and system controllers, create compilers and assemblers, implement PostScript clones for typeface design software, cartography, and bar-code systems, as well as introduce computer hardware and software solutions to a broad market.
  • Established the Colorado office as the company moved from a consulting firm and became a hardware and software start-up organization.
  • Planned and managed the introduction of an original supermini class of UNIX computers, computer boards and software.
  • Wrote articles and press releases to announce new products, developed marketing collateral, and created pricing schedules.
  • Established the first OEMs and distributors for the company.
ROSS & TURNER CORPORATION (The Ross Group) Englewood, CO
Account Representative 1980 - 1983
As a pioneer in computer architecture, The Ross Group created several solutions for the government and commercial marketplaces. In 1986, the company merged with Turner Networking to become Ross & Turner Corporation. Ross & Turner is one of the largest providers of information services, technology, and software in the world.
  • As an account representative, sold computer systems and IT solutions to numerous commercial markets.
  • Due to superior territory achievement, promoted to become the highest-paid account representative in the branch.
  • Achieved Salesman of the Month on numerous occasions.
M.B.A. – Marketing DEPAUL UNIVERSITY Chicago, IL
B.A. – Physics LAKE FOREST COLLEGE Lake Forest, IL
TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL – Achieved the Advanced Toastmasters Gold (ATM-G) and Competent Leader certifications.  Served as an active member for over 10 years and held local and district offices. Developed strong public speaking, leadership and mentoring skills over the course of membership.
DALE CARNEGIE SALES TRAINING – Completed numerous classes for career enhancement and also assisted in facilitating training sessions.
  • Arizona Technology Council – Prelude’s  representative and active community ambassador
  • Blade System Alliance – Prelude’s representative and advisory board member for the annual conference
  • Toastmasters – former club officer and district officer
    • Obtained  Advanced Toastmaster Gold and Competent Leader designations
    • Honoured with the Distinguished Area award as outstanding Area Governor for managing seven clubs consisting of 15-20 members each, which were run by five elected officers
  • High Availability for Telecom Devices - published October 2000 in EE Times
  • Open Source Software Facilitates Hardware Developments - published August 2000 in Deutschland Markt & Technik
  • Linux: An Important Prototype Tool - published September 1999 in Electronic Design (in both US and Chinese)
  • Speech: Panel Moderator for the session “Security” during Server Blade Summit, March 2003
  • Speech: “Carrier Grade Solutions with Windows 2000” at Networld + Interop, May 2001
  • Speech: “Open Embedded Platform – The Next Generation of Telecom Infrastructure Solutions” at Microsoft’s HA Forum, December 2000
  • Speech: “H.A. Architecture in PSTN Applications” at Dialogic Tech Summit, October 2000
  • Speech: “Reliable Telecom Platform – The Next Generation” at QNX Users Group Meeting, May 2000
  • Speech: “Open Embedded Platforms – Driving the Next Generation of Voice Transport and Applications” at CeBIT 2000, February 2000
  • Speech: “Telecom Platforms – The Next Generation” at Intel/Motorola HA Seminars, Tel Aviv, Israel, February 2000

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