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Operations/Compliance Officer, International Program Administrator, Environmental Risk Manager, or Director of Policy Development.
Career reflects over 10 years experience in the highly regulated and diligently monitored industries of health, safety and environmental management; with a demonstrated record of success on both national and international projects. Strong analytical skills and intuitive understanding of culture are foundational to resolving environmental violations efficiently and under budget.
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
M.S., Environmental Science
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Masters, Public Affairs
Concentration in environmental policy and international affairs.
Wabash College, Terre Haute, IN
Bachelor of Science, Biology

Trilingual professional able to fluently converse in English, French, and Spanish.

Professional and academic credentials have been enhanced with additional training in wastewater treatment, hazardous materials management, emergency response, risk assessment, and wetland identification, and environmental technologies.

Research Related Experience Included:
• Served as Intern for the Overseas Development Council of Washington D.C.
• Reviewed literature on the environmental impact of non-traditional agricultural exports and crop production in Central America.
• Wrote and presented recommendations for policy implementation to ODC.
• Compiled resources to facilitate the incorporation of ODC environmental policy analysis.
• Participant with the Peregrine Fund, Inc and the World Center for Birds of Prey.
• Site Attendant for the Reintroduction Program of Endangered Species.

• Special Advisor to the Commission on Oversight and Inspection of the Sanitary Landfill in Central America.
• Technical Advisor and Course Instructor on solid and hazardous waste issues for the Environmental Unit of the City Planning Office.
• Water Quality Specialist; analyzing water quality, fish/plant tissues, sediment samples.
• Delegate in Havana Cuba for the International Conference on Environment and Development: Five Years After Rio.
• Global Forum Participant at United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• Traveled extensively for business and scientific pursuits in North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and the Caribbean.
Center for Industrial Research, Houston, TX
1996 - 2000
• Project Coordinator and Chief Investigator of air, water, and sediment contamination.
• Administrated grant funds for project from concept to completion; achieved 130% of goal at 34% under budget.
• Directed the relocation of 20 families from hazardous landfill conditions.
• Served as technical advisor to foreign government agencies.
• Lead consultant and trainer in the areas of solid waste, hazardous waste, transportation, air and water quality, environmental impact studies, and land fill analysis.
• Served on the National Council of Science and Technology.
• Functioned as quality specialist for major project of the National Hydroelectric Commission.
• Adjunct professor of Ecology at the University of Central America.
Geo Waste Management, Bloomington, IN
1994 - 1996
• Served as key liaison between local businesses and regulatory compliance organizations.
• Established protocols/implementation plans for waste management and materials exchange.
• Expedited waste screening programs for landfill specification and pollution prevention.
• Worked with Indiana Department of Environmental Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, and the US Environmental Protection Agency on multiple projects.
• Inspected over 300 cases and wrote Standard Operating Procedures for project evaluation.
• Increased grant funding from $90K to $400K.
• Coordinated regional battery collection program to 2 million homes, largest in the U.S.
• Received the 1995 Governors Award for Excellence in Recycling.
Helix Environmental Services, Indianapolis, IN
1990 - 1994
Project Manager/Environmental Scientist
• Qualified and monitored $30M grant fund for largest PCB clean-up project in the country.
• Developed a nation-leading design for a Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility.
• Administered State Water Quality Certification Program.
• Performed wetland identification, reviewed environmental assessments, mitigated proposals.
• Performed statewide surveys using fish species as bio-indicators of water quality.
• Wrote procedural guidelines/policy recommendations to comply with all regulatory agencies.
• Managed five hazardous waste remediation sites with corresponding disciplines and reports.

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