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Top-Performing senior executive with 14 years' experience in property operations and management for residential development and investment/development property markets. Delivered $800 million in revenue/profit growth through innovative hands-on operating leadership and high-profile property management. In-depth knowledge and experience in business planning, management, and implementation, contributing significantly to bottom-line efficiency and profitability. Possesses broad-based management skills, with strong planning, communication, organizational, team building, and decision-making skills.
• Due Diligence • Lease Negotiations
• Asset Management • Team Building/Leadership
• Project Development • Client Relationship Building
• Profit & Loss Management • Judgement/Problem Solving
• Purchasing Scope Definition • Anticipating Economic Climates
• Budget Planning & Forecasting • Diverse Market/Industry Knowledge


• Established Hunter Street Investments (HSI) direct property development / investment portfolio throughout New York worth over $600 million.
• Key driver in development of an organization-wide strategic planning and visionary process. Focused investment business on being a capital player and residential developers of apartments and residential land markets.
• Leadership of more than $800 million in property projects, with complete development and management responsibility for over 40 projects. Currently includes $400 million in investment property and $200 million in development projects.
• Instrumental in instigating strategic directional papers for current and future development / investment portfolios, enabling HSI to expand internationally into Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom.
• Spearheaded strategic process improvements to expand portfolio, successfully increasing HSI's revenue/profit to $600 million.
• Outstanding mentor and coach; leading teams to identify new opportunities as well as contracting/developing residential, industrial and commercial properties across New York worth over $600 million.
• Established strategic business relationships with brokers and agents for early access to potential investment sites, expanding new and existing business opportunities.


Hunter Street Investments (HSI), New York, NY

1991 - Present


2001 - Present
Provides vision and tactical leadership for New York's largest private property investor while managing a staff of over 20. Manages all stages of property development process; P&L management; financial and operational management; directs and oversees property acquisitions; project management; directs half yearly valuations to track development/capital/income growth; researches property trends; develops property investment and development objectives; oversees asset management of investment properties; and business relationship building.
• Exceeded company benchmarks for Return on Investment (ROI) through the implementation of market factor influences and strong property management techniques.
• Led and negotiated all contract negotiations for property development/investment opportunities throughout New York, including securing under due diligence provisions allowing company to purchase development/investment properties.
• Expanded HSI's portfolio nationally and internationally through the design of direct/indirect property portfolios and development investment strategies.
• Increased staff morale and performance through the implementation of an employer bonus incentive scheme delivering profits to employees.
• Provides strong organizational leadership and active participation in business development by offering tactical direction to enhance business plans. Recommends and coordinates the purchase and sale of development/investment properties to optimize profit.
• Led and negotiated strategic business alliances with Banks to finance HSI's development/investment portfolio, further expanding market reach.
• Redesigned and streamlined company infrastructure by relocating staff nationally in New Jersey, capitalizing on human resource, operational, and financial competencies in line with company objectives.

1995 - 2001

Manager of Acquisitions
Negotiated the acquisition of $800 million in development and investment properties as part of HSI's objectives.
• Effectively documented business processes and procedures, identifying issues that may represent risk to the business or its clients and providing asset management solutions where necessary.

1991 - 1994

Property Analyst
Identified expansion and market opportunities through successfully researching property trends.
Girmond & Associates, New York, NY

1989 - 1991

• Independently performed valuations and market research on vacant land, development sites, and residential properties throughout New York.
• Implemented strong client focus and communication processes, continually building long-term relationships and cementing existing relationships.


University of New York, New York
Graduate Diploma Property Investment & Finance


University of New York, New York
Bachelor of Business - Valuation & Land Economy


New York Property Institute, New York
Land Economist


Professional Licence: Real Estate & Business Agents Licence


Speaking Engagements

Property Council of New York, "Owner - Manager Relation: Best Practice", 2004
Property Council of New York, "Property Investment Trends for 2003", 2004

Newspaper Articles

Property Council of New York, "Personal Style - David Joneson", 2002
The New York, "Softer Trend Seen for City Properties", 2004


New York Property Institute
Property Council of New York
Securities Institute of New York
Urban Development Institute of New York
Real Estate Institute of New York (REINY)

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