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Exceptional Level of Communication & Motivation

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Total Dedication to Exceeding Client & Personal Expectations

Consummate professional presenting with 9 years extensive accomplishments within the special events industry. Vital ability to analyse, pre-empt, and address critical issues and to maintain maximum composure under crisis situations. Bottom-line understanding of financial strategies to increase profitability and history of working within million dollar plus budgets. Comprehensive organisational expertise and attention to detail combine with natural leadership and good humour to create positive, motivated team environments which consistently exceed all expectations.


Top Ring Events - Contract

Bankers National Conference Opening Ceremony
Gold Coast, 2003

NZ Travel Corp Special Events
Cairns, 2003

Ray Whitcombe Conference Special Events
Adelaide, 2002

MetroStat Gala Dinner
Perth, 2002

Hudson Financial Services Dinner
Brisbane, 2002

Swordfish Events - Contract

D H Moore Awards - SCEC
Sydney, 2003

East West Sportsman Lunch - SCEC
International Forum
Sydney, 2002

 TLM - Event Manager - Contract

TLM Expo
Melbourne, 2002

Top Ring Events – Full time Employee

TM Thompson Conference & Special Events
Cairns 2000 / Melbourne 1998 / Perth 1996

Alfa Club Dinners
Brisbane 1999, 1997

UTAG Conference Special Events
Townsville 2000, 1996 / Melbourne 1999 / Sydney 1998

University Presidents Conference
Canberra 2000 / New Zealand 1997 / Hobart 1995

Carols by Candlelight
Perth 2000, 1998, 1997

James Perry Inc Gala Dinners
Perth 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1995

Realty of Australia Gala Dinners
Sydney 1999, 1998

Local Government Association Dinners
Hobart 1997 / Brisbane 1996

Talto 121 Launch & Dinner
Brisbane 1996

Olympics 2000 – Athletics Opening Ceremony
Brisbane 2000


2000 -    Closing Ceremony of the University Presidents Conference
               – Canberra, ACT

Played vital role in technical planning and layout of tent separating into two-room venue and seating 1,200 guests for sit down dinner. Led technical team of 3 draping and theming professionals, 2 audio-visual technicians, 2 lighting and 2 sound engineers, 2 special effects technicians, and 1 power consultant. Utilised ‘French action’ curtain reveal incorporating sound and lighting effects, and pyrotechnical rockets to enhance the ‘reveal’ moment and draw the audience’s eyes above and behind to adjoining stage and dancing arena. Skillfully resolved numerous timing difficulties experienced during rehearsals by suggesting innovative alternatives and leading and motivating team members. Called entire show blind after technical difficulties prevented affirmative feedback.

1999 -    Federation Gala Awards Dinner
              - Royal Cloudland Ballroom, Brisbane, Qld

Strategically planned all aspects from production schedules, to detailed scripts for Master of Ceremonies, Mark Braxton, to audiovisual pre-production of awards. Overcame unprecedented challenge half an hour before guest arrival when client changed 80% of event running program and theatrical presentation. Manually rewrote entire script, consulted with Master of Ceremonies, and returned to position 5 minutes before start. Called show from hand-written notes to unprepared technical crew, prompting upcoming cues on the run. No mistakes were made despite severely challenging circumstances. Intimate knowledge of script and content enabled adaptable and flexible changes.



TOP RING EVENTS – Brisbane, Qld
Event Manager

Charged with full creative and operational management and supervision of entire event cast and crew. Created benchmark template for production schedules and running orders. Compiled theatrical terminology glossary for use in training staff. Reported to creative director.

Stage Manager

Exercised full accountability for smooth running, correct timing and total event control. Supervised entire cast and crew throughout events. Trained all company staff in correct terminology and method of running a show. Reported to director.


  • Accountable for all aspects including overseeing lighting, sound, audio-visual, staging, special effects, theme set-up and numerous others for rehearsals and main event.
  • Utilised talkback system to call all technical and theatrical cues.
  • Prepared detailed, fully timed production schedules/scripts including technical and talent cues and stage movements.
  • Directed performers, technical crew, caterers and venue staff from master production schedule.


TOP RING EVENTS – Brisbane, Qld                                                                            12/1994 to 8/2000
Senior Event Manager

Due to recognized expertise was concurrently employed as both Senior Event Manager and Operations Manager (5/1998 – 6/2000) for this high profile special events management company. Coordinated and stage managed over 100 events from outdoor public concerts catering for capacity of 10,000 to private dinner parties for 20 people. Accountable for event budgets to $1.4 million.

Directed production and technical stage management, lighting and theming design consultation, and bump-in and bump-out supervision on-site. Prepared scale floor plans, set sketches, and stage plans accommodating 40-piece orchestral stage design.

Unique Challenge:

Challenge:            Poor quoting and over promising had lead to exceptionally tight event budget.

Action &                Drew upon ability to think laterally and conduct hard line negotiations to institute
Result:                  cost effective alternatives and maintain creative integrity and design while still
                              achieving allocated profit margin.

Key Achievements & Strengths:

  • Increased overall efficiency and team confidence through creation of detailed event management checklists to guide and assist team members.
  • Gained management trust and peer recognition as a dedicated professional able to create fun motivated environments and reduced work and stress loads across entire company.

Top Ring Events – Brisbane, Qld                                                                                   5/1998 – 6/2000
Operations Manager

Charged with quality control and supervision of event team, bottom-line accountability for matching clients to managers, and broad budgetary demands. Conducted technical briefings with key suppliers. Sole responsibility for monitoring staff performance and training in event management skills.

Unique Challenge:

Challenge:            Marketing manager taking 4 weeks annual leave creating major
                              organizational shortfall and challenge.

Action &               Initiated weekly meetings between team members and marketing manager to process
Result:                 hand-over of client files and ultimately achieve seamless transition of duties and
                             smooth maintenance of client needs.

Key Achievements & Strengths:

  • Increased revenue by 20% - 30% across 8 quarters, consistently achieving all targets.
  • Implemented structure creating less stressful working environment, opening multilevel lines of communication, and instituting much needed training and motivational sessions.
  • Improved overall management capability and efficiency through benchmark design of feedback form enabling accurate review of strengths and weaknesses.


Bachelor of Arts: Major in Drama & Design (1992)

Leading role in 1st Year theatrical production / Joint lead set designer for final year productions.

Certificate in Priority Management: Time Management (2001)

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