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Seeking a professional IT position requiring advanced technical training and providing an opportunity to improve the systems and operations of a growing company.
• Over 8 years of professional experience in positions as Freelance Sound Designer, Senior System Consultant, MIS Manager, System Administrator / Quality Assurance Team Leader, Co-Founder / Editor, and Quality Assurance Manager
• Skilled in information systems management, analysis, troubleshooting, testing, documentation, internal control procedures, system and program security, systems analysis, hardware and software installation, applications and program management, technical support, and network administration.
• Experienced in fostering and developing client relations, providing end user training and innovative technical solutions, conducting equipment demonstrations, and increasing efficiency to enhance profitability.
• Leadership skills include ability to lead and motivate co-workers from all backgrounds, creative problem-solving and solution-oriented work style, decisive and confident decision-making, and in-depth proficiency with new technology trends.
• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through fluency in Hebrew and English, extensive international travel, documented writing and editing talents, ability to work well independently and as part of a team, developing effective client relations, providing superior client service and satisfaction.

Network Administration Skills
Design, implementation, and maintenance of Microsoft Windows NT network systems for the specific needs of the enterprise environment. Maintaining and establishing user accounts, network security, troubleshooting printer problems, back-up devices, and installing and maintaining servers.

Administration Skills
Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, support, and maintenance of PC hardware and peripherals including desktop computers, printers, scanners, modems, and networked printers.

OS Knowledge Base Skills
All windows variants, Sun Solaris Unix variants, IBM Unix AIX, Linux variants, IOS variants.

Software Implementation Skills
Microsoft BackOffice Servers, Exchange Servers, NT Clusters, Netscape Proxy, Apache, SAMBA, Office variants, SendMail variants, NIS+, Legato Networker, DNS, Veritas Volume Manager, SUN Cluster, Veritas Cluster.

Security Implementation Skills
Checkpoint firewall-1 (version 4.0 & 4.1), VPN-1 securemote implementation, CISCO PIX, Raptor EAGLE, Norton command center, Secure Sendmail.

Hardware Skills
All PC variants, SUN Sparc / UltraSparc stations, Printers, Video capture, cable standards and implementation, (CAT5, CAT6, Fiber) Printers, EMC, NetAp filers.

Networking Skills
CISCO Switches and Routers (Voip / ATM / Ethernet) Bay Networks / Nortel Switches, Intel Routers, Extreme Networks Switches, Lucent Switches, Very High TCP / IP proficiency.

Environment Skills
Windows workgroups and DOMAINS, Ethernet, TCP / IP, NIS, NIS+, W2K directory service, LDAP.

SOUND DESIGN, Los Angeles, California
2000 - Present
Freelance Sound Designer
• Currently self-employed as Freelance Sound Designer building virtual synthesizers for DJs and other clients. Responsibilities include sound design using integration of MIDI / musical instruments, and digital sounds recording to meet client needs, creating top quality results, and completing projects on time and within budget. Additionally responsible for design and distribution of marketing materials, banking and basic accounting, and all public relations.
ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGIES, LTD, Raman Gat, Israel; Sunnyside, California; London, England; Munich, Germany
1999 - 2000
MIS Manager
• Responsible for managing all aspects of systems infrastructure for international technologies company. Duties include direct administration of Israel R&D site systems as well as systems for company sites in Sunnyside, California, London, England, Munich, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden, with emphasis on enhancing effective site connectivity and maintaining domain security. Additional duties included design and implementation of total net-structure development of innovations to raise network performance, and relocation of Israel office site.
• Increased site connectivity from 10 megabytes per second to 1000 megabytes per second and user connectivity from 10 megabytes per second to 100 megabytes per second.
REDGEN SOFTWARE, LTD, Netanya, Israel; San Jose, California
1997 - 1999
System Administrator / Quality Assurance Team Leader
• Performed all aspects of system administration and quality control for company specializing in development of mobile codes, including design and implementation of international multi-site net-structures, managing global network assets and networking, ensuring internal / external security of all systems, and other duties as needed.
• Successfully developed special system protections against viruses and other security threats.
1996 - 1997
Quality Assurance Manager
• Served as top quality assurance team member reporting directly to lead developer for small company specializing in creation of individualized signatures for e-mail messages. Tested all signature applications as to program integrity and security, pinpointed problems, assisted in creation of fixes and reprogramming, and maintained security of internal company system.
University of California, Berkeley
B.A., Business
• Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
• Advanced Computing Systems Association 'System Administrators' Guild (USENIX/SAGE)

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