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Offering 25 years of solid law enforcement, security, and staff management experience.

Dedicated, proactive law enforcement professional with extensive experience recruiting, training, and motivating teams of up to 250. Excellent communication, motivational, interpersonal, and presentation skills. Outstanding leader with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Expertise of police and security procedure includes:

Crisis Management

Motivational Speaking

Crime & Intelligence

Personnel Management

Resource Management

Traffic Control Operations

Evidence Collection & Protection

Budgeting & Administration

Security & Emergency Response

Investigation & Search Procedures




Manager / Supervisor

Hostage Negotiator

Crime Scene Photography

Firearms Certification

CPR / First Aid Certification

Crisis Intervention & Stress Debriefing



1977 to 2002

Critical Incident Manager (transfer)

2001 to 2002

Managed all critical incidents, natural and manmade. Worked in conjunction with Lafayette Parish emergency response personnel, which included Lafayette Police Department, Lafayette Fire Department, Acadian Ambulance, Lafayette Office of Emergency Preparedness, and the American Red Cross.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Managed Sheriff's Department response to Tropical Storm Allison.
  • Assigned Commander of Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department Reserve Division.
  • Assigned Commander of Field Training Officer Program established March 2002, now operating productively.
  • Assisted in the establishment of policies and procedures for Sheriff's Department response to terrorist threats and school violence.
  • Active Participant in Sheriff's Department response to the 9-11-02 events:
    • Assisted in implementing security upgrades at the LafayetteRegionalAirport.
    • Managed Sheriff's Department “bomb threat” response to the Federal and Parish courthouses.
    • Managed Sheriff's Department local “anthrax hoax” response.
  • Assisted the Lafayette Office of Emergency Preparedness in development of practical “Table-Top Exercise” regarding Parish emergency preparedness.
  • Selected as Crisis Intervention and Stress Debriefing Team Member.
  • Maintained all training and equipment upgrades for the facility’s Correctional Emergency Response Team. 

Assistant Warden, LafayetteParishCorrectionalCenter (assigned)

2000 to 2001

Assisted in securing re-accreditation of the center that housed a maximum of 780 inmates and employed a staff of 225.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Selected as Crisis Intervention and Stress Debriefing Team Member.
  • Maintained all training and equipment upgrades for the facility’s Correctional Emergency Response Team.

Acting Assistant to Chief Deputy, 3rd in Command (promotion)

1999 to 2000

Performed day-to-day administrative duties, and supervised the Patrol and Detective Divisions

Captain, Patrol Division (promotion)

1997 to 1999

Managed 144 personnel, which included the LPSD Patrol Division, LPSD Reserve Division, University Medical Center Security, Lafayette Parish Courthouse Security, Lafayette Airport Security, and Acadiana Mental Health Hospital Security.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Restructured the Patrol Division into a well-trained, well-respected and highly motivated patrol force by implementing the following:
    • Established the first Advanced Interview Process for Patrol applicants.
    • Initiated the first yearly Patrol Division meeting with all members of the Division (Reserve Division took over patrol shifts).
    • Established a Rifle Policy, allowing issuance of rifles to Patrol personnel (first in the State of Louisiana).
    • Developed and implemented Advanced Training for Supervisors, 40-Hour First Line Supervisor Training.
    • Developed and implemented Advanced Training for all Patrol personnel, Street Survival, O.C. Certification.
    • Developed and implemented Advanced Firearm Training for all Patrol personnel.
    • Significantly improved relations between Patrol Division and all local municipalities including the Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Scott, Duson and Carencro Police Departments.
  • Attended the 196th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, Finished in Top 2%.
  • Board of Directors Member for the prevention of violence in schools, which evolved into Project Care.

Lieutenant (promotion)


Negotiating Team Commander, Prime Negotiator (remained in Patrol)

1993 to 1997

Established and implemented Hostage Negotiator Team / Commander from inception through May 2002. Executed protocol, allowing Negotiators to assist all local police departments and adjoining Parishes' law enforcement agencies.

Selected Negotiation Accomplishments (approximately 300 Hours):

  • Lead Negotiator in two major hostage situations at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.
  • St Martin Parish Correctional Center hostage situation (December 1999).
  • Crowley Police Dept. / Acadia Parish Sheriff's Dept. hostage situation (August 1995).
  • Scott Police Dept. / Lafayette Sheriff's Dept. barricaded subject (January 1994).

Sergeant (promotion)

1988 to 1993

Patrol, Deputy First Class (re-assigned)

1986 to 1988

Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force (new assignment)

1985 to 1986

Patrol, Deputy First Class (transfer)

1984 to 1985

Crime Scene Detective (transfer)

1983 to 1984

Staff Sergeant (promotion)

1982 to 1983

Acting Staff Sergeant

1981 to 1982

Sergeant (promotion)

1979 to 1981

Deputy First Class (promotion)

1978 to 1979


1977 to 1978


FBI National Academy Associates
Louisiana Chapter FBI National Academy Associates
Louisiana Association of Hostage Negotiators
Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators
International Critical Incident Foundation

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