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Start-ups • Emerging Markets • Market Leaders

Professional integrity, "big picture" focus, and a history of steering business fundamentals that stimulate revenue and client growth, are the cornerstones of a career distinguished by sustained accomplishment. Backed by a senior level generalist background in sales, marketing, finance, and operations, efforts have consistently guided start-ups to multi-million-dollar performers, and existing companies through unparalleled growth. Acknowledged as an intuitive business strategist and balanced, profit-driven leader; expert in conceiving complex solutions that surpass quotas, produce returns on investment, and empower teams to excel over the long-term.
• Profit & Loss Accountability • Program Development
• Distribution Channels • Team Recruitment and Management
• Multimillion-dollar Budgets • Performance & Productivity Improvements
• Project Management • Client Relationship Management
• Training & Development • Product Development
• Organizational Design • Business Process Optimization
• Trend Analysis • Strategic Business Plans
• Market Expansion Initiatives • Contract Negotiations
• Competitive Market Analysis • Start-up Ventures
• Consensus Building • Operational Management
• Financial Management  
Amassed an impressive centre of influence with high calibre market leaders including:
Sensis, ANL, Fuji Xerox, GE Capital, George Weston, Heidelberg, Icon Recruitment, RACV, TNT, IBM, ANZ, Lend Lease, Amcor, Linfox, CSC, EDS, ABC, FreightCorp, NorthPower, Toll Group, RACV, IATA, Qantas, Ansett, Telstra, Optus, ICAO, Knight Frank, Jones Lang Wootton, Central Equity, National Mutual, AMP, National Australia Bank, Mars, Boral, and more.
• Pioneered start-up business consultancy, (X-Co) hallmarked by sustained growth averaging 50% annually over 5-years.
• Secured $1.4M contract with Webster Inc. to produce a nation-wide sales training program coinciding with the release of a new telephone directory. The program, delivered to the 18-month deadline, successfully oriented 200+ new employees complete with instructional design, paper/electronic database development, training and support.
• Generated the largest sale of componentry in Iris P/L's history, contributing $3 million in revenues and up to $8 million annually in ongoing costs.
• Devised Gold Plus program for White Lifts, extending existing client contract tenure an average of 4-years. Costly, non-contracted clients decreased from 88% to 35% in Victoria and from 58% to 8% in Queensland.
• Launched a global Y2K telecommunications sales strategy for NCA, GHJ, PYTR and HTGL in the event of telecommunications failures on 1/1/2000 rollover. Initiative generated worldwide interest in the concept from airlines and airports, with forecasted sales of $2 million.
1998 - 2003
Managing Director

Sales, marketing, and training company providing change management solutions.

Launched start-up enterprise in partnership, identifying market niche for partner-involved service that offered a viable alternative to large outsourcing consultancies. From humble beginnings, swiftly transformed the business from the "newcomer on the block" to a proven performer capturing clients with leading market players. With full profit and loss accountability, steered business development, operational efficiencies, and strategic planning-driving revenues from zero to $2.2 million annually complete with an impressive 56% profit margin.

As momentum and market recognition grew, strategically expanded into new sectors, diversifying from narrow IT/telco focus into manufacturing, transportation, retail, recruitment, finance, and FMCG. Won elusive audiences with key decision makers, presented proposals, and closed deals becoming a "point of presence" in the market place for behavioral change-based training.
• Secured $1.4M contract with Webster Inc., to produce a nationwide sales training program coinciding with the release of a new telephone directory. The program, delivered within the 18-month deadline, successfully oriented 200+ new employees-complete with instructional design, paper/electronic database development, training and support.
• Spearheaded initiative to import module-based training programs from the United States to fulfil a recognised void in non-customised training solutions. Programs now produce 10% of total business revenues.

1998 - 2000
National Strategic Business Manager

Market-dominant service provider of wireless telecommunications

Confronted upon commencement with promotional materials unsuited to the Australian market, and a pure technological sales structure failing to communicate excitement and capture new business.

Immediately revamped marketing and communications collateral to stimulate interest locally-an initiative that delivered virtually immediate product acceptance and customer interest. Restructured sale teams by reengineering job descriptions, and instigated state management overseeing regional sales in preference to remote Melbourne-based management.

Results were impressive with clients enjoying more frequent access to local representatives, and allowing the company to become more attuned with "grass roots" business needs. With sales cycles prolonged and targeted to a market willing to pay high rates for wireless communications and other advanced technologies, surpassing targets was a significant achievement.
• Generated the largest sale of components in the company's history worldwide, contributing $3 million in revenues and up to $8 million annually in ongoing costs.
• Personally contributed revenues exceeding 40% of all domestic sales; surpassed all revenue expectations, producing incremental sales increases of 25% across 6 consecutive months.

1996 - 1998
National Business Development & State Manager

Leveraged market share from several fierce industry competitors.

Conceived and launched the Gold Plus program designed to confine clients to longer-term maintenance contracts as the lifeblood of business cash flows, and reduce costly non-contract accounts. Program extended existing client contract tenure an average of 4-years, and non-contracted clients decreased from 88% to 35% in Victoria and from 58% to 8% in Queensland. Client portfolios grew by $8.5 million in Victoria and $5 million in Queensland.

1995 - 1996
Business Consultant
Monash University
Bachelor of Science, Business

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