Office of Human Resources Director Resume Sample

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FirstName LastName

Day: Phone # Street Address
City, ST ZipCode
Evening: Phone #
Social Security: XXX-XX-XXXX Federal Status: N/A
Citizenship: United States Veteran Status: N/A


Highest Federal Civilian Grade Held: N/A


Department of Energy
Director, Office of Human Resources Management, ES-XXXX-XX/XX
Announcement #: ETR-XX-ES-XXX


Results-driven, strategic Senior Human Resources Executive and organizational leader credited with building best-in-class organizations that have been consistently successful in achieving aggressive revenue and profit objectives. Over 25 years human resources management experience; catalyst for a series of innovative HR initiatives. Creative thinker, problem solver, and decision maker; strong communications, relationship building, mentoring, negotiation, and mediation skills. Core knowledge base and competencies include:

  • Organizational Culture & Vision
  • Benefits & Compensation Design
  • Performance Management
  • Long-Range Business Planning
  • Labor Relations & Negotiations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Team Building & Organizational Leadership
  • HR Generalist Affairs & Issues
  • Employee Management & Retention
  • Recruiting & Staffing Initiatives
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Process Redesign & Change Management

Detailed Knowledge of Employment Laws





Street Address

40 hours / week

City, ST ZipCode

Starting Salary: $84,000

Supervisor: FirstName LastName, Phone: Phone #

Present Salary: $97,440

Supervisor may be contacted.


Director, Business Ethics and Compliance

Recruited to design and oversee expansive Ethics and Compliance Program directed to 12,000 staff members spanning Australia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States, with full responsibility for executing management training programs and on-site assessments to ensure full program compliance.

Played key role in implementing change management strategies, including organizational restructuring and offsite management evaluations, to strengthen management and leadership within new and existing sites.

Key Accomplishments

• Greatly limited corporate liability exposure and subsequent costs by decreasing employee complaints to EEOC, OSHA, and other federal agencies by 75% in 12-month period.

• Designed, developed, and implemented third-party helpline that improved communication channels and contributed to expedient complaint resolution.

• Built strong, sustainable relationships with management and workforce teams within each facility to achieve buy-in for program and maintain excellent record for preventing instances of non-compliance.



Street Address

40 hours / week

City, ST ZipCode

Starting Salary: $56,000

Supervisor: FirstName LastName, Phone: Phone #

Ending Salary: $84,000

Supervisor may be contacted.


Manager, Human Resources (1996 – 2000)

Manager, Compensation, Benefits, and Training (1993 – 1996)

Hired to oversee staff development programs for compensation and benefits issues; promoted to direct all HR functions and fulfill employee development, executive evaluation, and strategic planning objectives in multi-level, highly diversified organization. Instrumental in developing curriculum for and establishing Management College attended by first-line managers and supervisors, addressing labor relations, leadership skills, and other core management and leadership competencies. Initiated company-wide labor relations tactical action plans to impede labor-organizing efforts in non-union environment. 

Key Accomplishments

• Pioneered series of compensations systems for $2.5 million man-hour manufacturing facility, resulting in 6% employee efficiency increase and 4% utilization improvement.

• Identified previous history of low-performing and costly hiring practices; innovated validated pre-employment testing process that reversed prior performance and resulted in cost savings.

• Teamed with Virginia-based business partner to design and launch pilot program that generated stronger alignment of worker skills and job requirements.

• Earned victory in all National Labor Relations Board elections and built reputation as key consultant producing innovative, successful union prevention initiatives.



Street Address

40 hours / week

City, ST ZipCode

Starting Salary: $13,000

Supervisor: FirstName LastName, Phone: Phone #

Ending Salary: $56,000

Supervisor may be contacted.


Manager, Production and Project Planning (1988 – 1993)

Manager, Wage & Salary (1976 – 1988)

Distinguished 17-year career demonstrating consistent record of profit and performance gains for this major fuel vendor to the U.S. Navy. Delivered series of HR initiatives and strategies that produced million-dollar savings and groundbreaking IT developments. Directed entire scope of full-scale MRP-II (Material Requirements Planning) implementation that synthesized financial, scheduling, and efficiency functions into cohesive whole; developed manpower planning system that aligned recruiting and training practices with strategic business planning. 

Key Accomplishments

• Earned series of promotions based on favorable performance evaluations, from Training Programs Coordinator to Labor Relations Specialist, Wage & Salary Analyst, and Wage & Salary Manager.

• Spearheaded efforts in capturing $1 million in production cost savings within first 36 months of MRP-II conversion through improved order fulfillment, uniform load leveling, and new JIT processes.

• Eliminated previous record of behind-schedule operational processes caused by manning delays through successful development of manpower planning system and achievement of manufacturing milestones.


Ph.D., Business Administration – Kennedy-Western University, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, 1999
MED, Human Resource Development – Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA, 24501, 1986
BA, Journalism – Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA, 24501, 1976


Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
Member, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Member, Ethics Officers Association (EOA)


Active “Q” Security Clearance through Department of Energy


MRP-II, Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook 

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