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Attorney with five years experience in legal research and analysis, trial preparation, use of source materials to access information, preparing detailed legal written materials, negotiating settlements, conducting discovery, attending depositions, and coordination with clients, staff, partners, opposing counsel, physicians, judges, and various government entities.
• Well-developed communication and writing skills demonstrated through preparation of briefs, memos, motions, and complaints, public speaking skills, and the ability to interact with individuals from all backgrounds.
• Noted by senior management, staff, community members, and clients for detail-oriented case management skills, ability to prioritize tasks to accomplish maximum results, enthusiasm and determination, and ability to solve organizational problems.
SFB, San Francisco, CA
1999 - Present
Associate Attorney
• Serve two partners of a nationally-recognized personal injury firm, with a combined 35 years of legal experience in plaintiff's law covering personal injury, wrongful death, transit injuries, sports, watercraft injuries, financial injuries, products liability, workplace injuries, construction injuries, wrongful termination / harassment, and elder / nursing home abuse.
• Perform client intakes and client interviews to determine case merit and viability, signing employment contracts, retainers, and release forms, reviewing fees and costs, and discussing case strategy with clients.
• Conduct all phases of discovery including preparation of interrogatories, requests for production of documents, attending and assisting in depositions, interviewing witnesses, attending independent medical evaluations with clients, performing site inspections, and assisting in investigations.
• Responsible for preparing, reviewing, and filing various motions and petitions, including motions to compel production of documents; answers to interrogatories; motions to strike; demurs; motions to remand; oppositions to compel, demur, strike, and dismiss; petition to review; oppositions to summary judgment; default judgments; motions to continue; petitions for minor's compromise; and petitions for guardian ad litem.
• Meet and confer with opposing counsel, preparing, filing, and serving complaints, writing letters to clients, insurance adjusters, experts, investigators, physicians and medical facilities, client employers, government entities, courts, and opposing counsel, answering cross-complaints, compromising and negotiating reduction of liens against a client, as well as negotiating and settling cases prior to litigation.
• Assist with a caseload of over 150 cases, ranging from cases involving smaller sums to multi-million dollar awards. Given extensive latitude in assessment and strategic decision-making in most aspects of case management due to increased knowledge of plaintiff's law, as well as authority to settle cases up to $25,000.
• Public relations and firm-related business and social events have provided the opportunity for discussions and interaction with numerous high-profile local and national attorneys, judges, and politicians.
Louisiana Supreme Court, New Orleans, LA
1998 - 1999
Staff Attorney
• Handled a wide range of legal functions and activities, including preparation of writ reports and conducting extensive legal research to assist the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana
1997 - 1998
Judicial Extern
• Selected as Judicial Extern for the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana. Responsibilities included preparing opinions and responses to motions, analysis of pleadings and motions, and briefing the Judge on docket matters.
• Assisted Magistrate Louis Moore in responding to Habeas Corpus petitions, and attended trials, hearings, and pre-trial conferences. Worked within the office of Federal District Court Judge Ginger Berrigan and assisted in reviewing and analyzing various case files focusing on Pro-Se habeas corpus procedure and merit issues, researching case law, composing memoranda and court orders, and submitting both reports and recommendations to the magistrate judge.
Friends of Legal Aid, San Diego, CA
1996 - 1997
Law Clerk
• Provided pro bono legal services, researched California redevelopment law, verified and reported agency expenditures through state and local agency redevelopment publications and reports, and additional research tasks.
California Western Law Review, San Diego, CA
Juris Doctor, AALS
Academic Honors:
• Editor, California Western Law Review
• Staff Writer, California Western Law Review
University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
Academic Honors:
• Graduated cum laude
• Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society
IBM-PC desktop computer systems, Windows 98, Lexis, Westlaw, Microsoft Word, Internet, and E-mail

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