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Senior Medical Resident in Internal Medicine with extensive knowledge of community medical diagnostic and patient care services in various settings, including in-patient and outpatient clinics, and government/private hospitals and clinics. Strong understanding of current principles, methods and procedures for the delivery of medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in women's health care, including rotation in OB-GYN. Outstanding interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills: fluent in English, Romanian and French, combined with a basic command of Hungarian.

• Obstetrics/Gynecology • Pediatrics
• Cardiology • General Surgery
• Outpatient Clinic/Office • Orthodontic
• Internal Medicine • Emergency Room Experience
• Neurology • Infectious Diseases
• Rheumatology • Pulmonary
• Hospital Medical Service • Urology
• Vascular • Private Practice Experience
• Nursing Home/Rehab/Long Term Care • Psychiatry/Behavioral/Substance Abuse
Institute of Medicine & Pharmacy, New York
Doctor of Medicine
Class Rank: Top 8%
Institute of Medicine, Hungary
Doctor of Medicine

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)

Professional Licenses:
Doctor of Medicine (MD) - New Jersey
Doctor of Medicine (MD) - California

Reporting directly to Chief of Medical Service and Chief of Staff M.D for 140 bed medical center providing hospital, outpatient clinic, rehabilitation unit, and nursing home services. Scope of responsibilities include health care; supervise / teach rounds; teach clinic; supervise on call residents; and work with residents on Internal Medicine Residency Program.
• Provide and manage direct patient care, including physical examinations, evaluations, assessments, diagnoses and treatment.
• Train and supervise residents and on-call residents engaged in specialty activities and procedures, including emergency room on call duties, inpatient area, outpatient clinic, nursing home/rehabilitation and long term care/hospice unit, and off-site outpatient clinics.
• Effectively manage ER, medical floor inpatients, emergencies in ICU/CCU, and all in-house medical residents while on call as attending Medical Officer of the day.
• Frequently function as acting Chief Resident, directing and coordinating the patient care activities of nursing and support staff.
• Collaborate with residents on Internal Medicine Residency Program.
1999 - 2001
Associate Physician
Reported directly to partner physicians while supervising a staff of 4 for small private practice. Scope of responsibilities included providing internal medicine; daily office functions; managing in-hospital patients; managing patients at several local nursing homes and personal care homes.
• Developed and implemented patient management plans, recorded progress notes, and assisted in provision of continuity of care.
• Managed in-hospital patients at 3 local hospitals; provided appropriate patient education explaining the necessity, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of scheduled procedures to the patient.
• Managed patients at several local nursing homes and personal care homes; examined patients, performed comprehensive physical examinations, and compiled patient medical data, including health history and results of physical examination, and prescribing pharmaceuticals, other medications, and treatment regimens as appropriate to assessed medical conditions.
Member, American Medical Association (AMA)
Member, American Society of Internal Medicine (now called the American College Of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine, ACP-ASIM)
. The Use of a Correction Factor for the Calculation of Suprarenal Outputs as a Function of Arterial Pressure, diploma thesis, 1982.
. Baucht, J., and Jones, M., "The Use of a Correction Factor for the Calculation of Suprarenal Outputs as a Function of Arterial Pressure," presented at and published in the proceedings of The National Symposium of Physiology, New York, August 16-18, Vol. 1, 2:20-24, 1981

Determination by E-testing of sensitivity of gram negative microorganisms to Levoflaxacin, sponsored by Baxter Pharmaceuticals (submitted for publication)

Measurement of adrenal blood flow in an experiment model.
Advisor: Dr. James Baucht

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