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Seasoned production, planning and project manager, acknowledged for expertly identifying and reengineering bloated and costly processes, and delivering lean operating systems, improved quality, greater team productivity levels, and heightened customer satisfaction. A tenacious negotiator; a fair and balanced people manager. Strong track record for driving successful cost-reduction initiatives, managing finite resources, directing projects for on-time, on-budget completion, and enhancing operational quality.
Professional strengths include:
  • Budget Preparation and Management
  • Project Management and Troubleshooting
  • Production Planning
  • Performance Planning and Improvement
  • Scheduling
  • Purchasing & Materials Management
  • Vendor Sourcing and Negotiations
  • Cost Improvement and Avoidance
  • Traffic & Transportation
  • Quality Control Management
  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Inventory Planning & Control
  • MRP II, ISO 9001
  • Material Tracking Systems
  • Contract Negotiation
Technology snapshot: Word, Excel, SAP, Internet, email

People - Management Communications


For an international automotive manufacturer, transformed a conflict-ridden, de-motivated group with erratic productivity and adversarial interdepartmental communications, into a proactive team, focused on quality, error-free operations, and customer satisfaction.

Growth / Negotiations / Relationship Management


Single-handedly negotiated lucrative $500K contract for Meadow Lee Foods.

Personally managed high-ticket purchasing negotiations and major supplier relationships.

Drove strong and sustained profit improvements by controlling costs, and steering stable departmental operations with high employee retention rates.

Process Improvement Leadership


Turned around 20% “out of stock” averages to an impressive 2% within 6-months for a market dominant leader in the Australian branded-teas sector.

Produced document control procedure considered a key component in successfully winning ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

Budget Management


Planned and managed inventory valued at $10+ million for a leading automotive manufacturer.

Directed two national manufacturing sites contributing $50M in profits via 5 lines and 300 products.

Overseas Parts Material Planner
Planning & Logistics Manager
Master Production Scheduler 1999–2001
Purchasing Manager 1998–1999
Receiving/Warehouse Supervisor 1997–1998
Quality Control Chemist 1996–1997
Overseas Parts Material Planner
Short-term contract role to gain foothold in the automotive sector. Confronted upon commencement with interdepartmental communications in disarray through past hostilities and an “us and them” mindset. Immediately created an open atmosphere that encouraged transparency, personal ownership, and creative brainstorming, and steered a controlled environment for constructive grievance airing and dispute resolution.
Contributions & Results:
  • Expedited the clearance of goods and delivered vast improvements in error ratios, staff productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Transformed a conflict-ridden, de-motivated group with erratic productivity and adversarial interdepartmental communications, into a proactive team, focused on results through cooperation.
Planning & Logistics Manager
Appointed to this newly created role to arrest burgeoning “out of stock” issues, and manage a six-week production plan that coordinated component purchasing with raw tea buying to minimize high inventory levels of both materials and finished goods.
Scrutinized operations, and prepared several program plans designed to lower costs and smooth the transit of imported products from the UK and India by coordinating information and “clear plans” between plants.
Contributions & Results:
  • Spearheaded a restructured 12-month production plan aligning sales forecasts and stock holdings with production output for greater forecasting and future needs analysis.
  • Turned around 20% “out of stock” average across all ranges, to less than 4% in just 3 months. In 6 months, “out of stocks” were rarely more than 2%.
  • Developed mutually beneficial relationships with freight forwarders that hastened the speed and quality of products in transit from the UK and India.
Summary: Promoted to increasingly responsible assignments in line with growing capacity to link purchasing and production operations to the corporate vision. Consistently delivered the highest quality product at the lowest cost with the fastest delivery through cost containment, continuous process improvement, supplier relations, and team leadership.
Master Production Scheduler 1999–2001
Drove a series of successful productivity, quality, and operational improvement programs that maximized rotating 24 x 6 rostered operations.
Contributions & Results:
  • Improved production schedule performances from 65–70% to 85–90%. Identified duplicated efforts, and monitored usage and production constraints.
  • Produced document control procedure considered a key component in successfully winning ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Consistent record of delivering inventory operations under budget.
  • Resolved a multitude of sales and operational problems working in close collaboration with production team leaders to maximize production outputs on time while maintaining flexibility.
Purchasing Manager 1998–1999
Presided over $2M of purchases annually encompassing hundreds of products from domestic and international suppliers. Personally managed high-ticket purchasing negotiations and major supplier relationships, drove strong and sustained profit improvements by aggressively controlling purchasing costs, and maintained a stable department with high employee satisfaction and retention.
Contributions & Results:
  • Fostered strong relationships between Meadow Lea and its primary suppliers; instilled a sense of personal commitment by suppliers to the quality of purchased items.
  • Spearheaded successful initiative to recycle 200 liter drums of waste material; negotiated a cost-per-drum of $5 to be reimbursed to company—turning a removal cost to a profit.
  • Single-handedly negotiated lucrative $500K contract with Bonlac Foods for dehydrated milk fat; negotiated $80K contract for chlorophyll with Salkat.
Receiving/Warehouse Supervisor 1997–1998
Established efficient stacking and storage, more accurate inventory and minimal damage, and resolved a wide range of delivery problems—including complex customer complaints. Anticipated and prepared for changes in workload, maintained full communication between warehouse and management, and updated warehouse staff on changes. Managed stock for product run-out/packaging changes.
Quality Control Chemist 1996–1997
Tested product samples using various methodologies to ensure quality and product integrity. Coordinated release of packed and bulk oils off site.

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
Victoria University

MRP11 Training

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