Primary Teacher Resume Sample

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Proactive, high energy individual with a proven ability to build trust and develop effective relationships. Proven track record in learning and development. Effectively performs at the highest level in difficult and challenging environments. Excellent organizational skills, combined with the ability to adapt to new challenges. Expertise in handling and resolution of a wide range of management issues. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, with expertise in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • Staff Development
  • Creative & Innovative Ideas
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Curriculum Design & Development
  • Program Development
  • Outstanding Communicator
  • Team Player
  • Relationship Builder
  • Strong Management & Organization


Classroom Teacher

2001 — 2002

Reported directly to Headmaster for public school with 200+ students teaching all subjects. Prepared differentiated lessons, created curriculum, monitored student progress, planned and executed educational outings.

  • Planning: Designed, planned and implemented an information booklet for new teachers, advising teachers on teaching methods, adapting to curriculum, school events, a who’s who of teachers, and location of teaching resources and materials.
  • Program Development: Collaborated with administration over a six-month period in developing an induction program for new teachers.
  • Curriculum Design & Development: Instrumental in developing and implementing a working curriculum consistent with individual and group learning needs, improving on-task behavior and acceleration of educational objectives.
  • Communication Skills: Set high expectations for student behavior, maintaining standards through classroom management techniques and positive reinforcement, resulting in increased positive student behavior and learning, emphasizing respect for all.
  • RelationshipBuilding: Improved communication among teachers through effective team-building, promoting a positive philosophy of the school and creating a sense of community for students and staff.

Educational Aide


  • Program Development: Collaborated with colleagues in developing a program enabling teachers to better understand ADD in students.
  • Staff Development: Taught teachers how to recognize and understand ADD through individual sessions discussing student actions and behaviors. Assisted teachers in developing coping mechanisms and developing behavior modification plans for students.
  • Creativity: Designed lesson plans catering for student interests and diverse individual needs, dramatically improving student performance in reading.

WFPH P.B.S — New Jersey
Program Development Specialist



Master of Education
New York University — New York, NY


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