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• Over 10 years diverse international business project management experience, including financial analysis, project controls, contract negotiation, and government and public relations.
• Well-versed in global business market, specializing in East-West cultures.
• Fluent communication and presentation skills in English and Mandarin.
• First-hand experience with progressive responsibilities in global Fortune 500 companies.
• Expertly execute capital budget modeling, SWOT analysis, resource planning, and cash flow forecasting to ensure bottom-line revenues and better, cheaper, faster business for total customer satisfaction.


Industrial Financial Corporation, Phoenix, AZ
2001 - Present
Program Finance Manager
Oversaw program financial operations for diversified insurance and financial services company, among largest in US. Controlled project financial forecasting, operational budgeting, resource planning, invoicing, pricing, ordering, and scheduling. Worked closely with project managers and budget authorities across business spectrum to develop business cases, funding structures, and budget matrices for international VAR transformation programs, ensuring program objectives are achieved on time and on budget.
• Designed resource and expense tracking systems to analyze over $5B in corporate program budgets against respective accruals.
• Diagnosed risks and conducted ad hoc operation analysis for senior management decision-making involving projects exceeding $5M.
• Recommended corrective actions to senior management with ESR and variance analysis reports on multiple million-dollar projects.
• Estimated project RUP, creating risk/business value-evaluation models.


Acme Electronics, Tempe, AZ
1997 - 2001
Senior Business Analyst
Evaluated new business proposals, interpreted financial data, forecasted corporate cash flow, and developed business models jointly with sales and marketing teams, reporting directly to senior management of this third largest defense contractor in US.
• Increased invoice turnover rate 150% by creating consolidated tracking system to monitor real-time material/equipment traffic, billing, and payment status. New system and procedure accepted by all parties of consortium.
• Proposed overseas operation business configuration based on in-depth analysis of local tax system, foreign currency regulation, and patent issues, ensuring accounting, billing, and contracting structures correlated with planned business models.
• Developed revised profit projection and cost estimation, based on performance-to-date analysis.
• Maintained financial performance progress tracking system.


SFB Incorporated, Tucson, AZ
1995 - 1997
International Finance Analyst
Analyzed energy market trend in China for this international trading company. Monitored financial activities, including capital budgeting, banking, hedging, risk analysis, and cash flow forecasting. Proposed annual sales strategic plan. Analyzed inquiries orders, pricing, and marginal profitability.
• Instrumental in successful cost efficient establishment of presence in Hong Kong and Beijing, China, by improving international communication and negotiating fair and reasonable tax payments.
• Applied financial models and tools in calculating projects payback period, NPV, and MIRR to recommend various contracting strategies.


Helix Corporation, Dallas, Texas
1992 - 1995
Business Manager
Supervised purchase group responsible for negotiation and implementation of large equipment purchase contracts. Large projects included Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation ($420M) and Basin Oil Reservoir exploration ($98M).
• Won $6M contract in key role to close ceramic tile joint venture deal.
• Designed and implemented new procurement procedure according to World Bank purchase guideline. Introduced competition mechanism into solicitation process that ensured equal playing field for project negotiation.
• Established Texas residence for company, serving first term as office representative.


World Bank, New York, NY
1990 - 1992
Project Coordinator
Coordinated bid documents preparation, solicitation analysis, bid material review, and suppliers short-list selection. Assisted project financial appraisal, risks analysis, and post auditing.
• Bridged gaps between World Bank, government regulators, and end users through comprehensive preparation of bid evaluation report to the National Projects Evaluation Committee for approval.
• Worked with World Bank task managers and project entities to supervise the World Bank Loan Oil and Gas projects implementation.
• Implemented World Bank Procurement Guideline to all ICB/LCB projects.


Project Management Institute (PMI)


University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis, MN
M.B.A., Finance
Tucson University, Tucson, AZ
B.A., English
Technology Advanced Study Institute, Dallas, Texas
International Business Training
World Education College, Washington, D.C.
World Bank and Foreign Loan Projects Operation Training

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