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Program Manager with over 8-years information technology experience in the semiconductor industry. Demonstrated history of strong leadership and successful team building capabilities combined with excellent technical, communication, presentation, and customer service skills. Resourceful problem solver with proven ability to bring a quick resolution to complex situations as well as building lasting relationships with vendors and customers.

Manufacturing Operations • Continuous Process Improvement • Global Partnerships
Strategic Planning • Business Development • Customer Relationship Management
Financial Analysis • Team Building • Product Development


• Became the top service provider in Asia. Developed a service program in an effort of becoming the exclusive service provider for Bradford around the world. Hired resources, trained personnel, implemented and managed program, ensuring customer and OEM satisfaction. Tracked equipment utilization, resource performance and established customer relationships.

• Recognized as a service provider with customer needs in mind. Implemented a new pricing structure based on client feedback from numerous meetings addressing past concerns on support and pricing. Established close customer relationships that increased revenues 90% and first-year revenues by more than $600,000.

• Significantly improved practices and procedures throughout the manufacturing area, increasing revenues from less than $100 million to over $700 million annually. Implemented ISO 9000, improving repair times and training processes, which reduced manufacturing cycle times and discrepancies while increasing mean time between failures, system availability, and on-time shipments.

MANNING MECHANICAL, San Jose, California
2000 - Present
Managed operational and manufacturing personnel, continuous process and product improvement, and customer service program, creating overall operations efficiency. Played a key role in hiring, training, scheduling, implementation, and support of the service plan.

• Negotiated use of training facility and equipment at no cost to the company, resulting in comprehensive training and savings of $2500 per student.
• Established database that allowed needed documentation to be retrieved for support field service efforts and training classes 24/7. Collaborated within the organization on developing procedures, which could be expanded upon after contract agreement.
• Increased service calls by 150% by developing strong customer relationships.
• Established accounts with key suppliers in the U.S. and Asia to provide non-proprietary parts, resulting in additional sales with 37% profit margin for material sold.
• Implemented new response time policy from 4 to 2-hour maximum, creating additional daily service and reduced average response time from 4 hours to less than 1 hour.

GEO Consultants, San Jose, California
1999 - 2000
Managed remanufacturing, testing, and shipment of front-end fabrication equipment including AMAT, Lam and Novellus capital equipment. Ensured refurbished equipment met OEM and customer specifications while targeting efforts towards quality equipment, reduced costs, on-time shipments, and improved manufacturing cycle times.

• Reduced manufacturing cycle times by 30%. Recruited technical writer to create procedures during the manufacturing process, enabling staff to cross-train effectively and allowing trainees to work without constant supervision.
• Established material supply chain, creating improved employee morale and reduced manufacturing costs by more than 40%.
• Utilized original OEM to rebuild specific components to ensure quality and reduce costs over purchasing new, resulting in a warranty same as new and a 4-week lead time for rebuilds.
• Reduced crating times by 2 days, improving efficiency and on-time shipments. Coordinated partnership with shipping and crating vendor with pre-fabbed crates available for all company equipment.

GEO SYSTEMS, Inc., San Jose, California
1993 - 1999
Directed all manufacturing activities and up to 104 personnel, ensuring quality and on-time delivery for over 150 systems per quarter. Created operational budgets that consistently met or exceeded scheduled goals.

• Developed programs and employee incentives to promote quality, resulting in assembly discrepancies being reduced from 9 per module to less than 1, and final test discrepancies being reduced from 14 per system to under 2 within two years.
• Achieved 100% on-time delivery 3 years in a row by reworking assembly procedures and training for better efficiency.
• Provided in-depth classroom training on ISO practices as well as Nevellus workmanship standards that met production and shipment goals without increased discrepancies, which reduced cycle times by 40%.
• Reduced employee turnover rate to less than 5% a year. Encouraged employees to cross-train, increasing job challenge and employee morale.


Completed numerous professional training courses including Conflict Management, Managing to Stay Legal, Time Management, Problem Solving/ Decision Making, Strategic Management, Project Management, ISO9001 Element Training, Concept I Operation and Maintenance, Capital Expenditure Linkage and Evaluation, Resource Management and Financial Performance, and Clean Room Training.

Proficient on several computer applications - Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint.

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