Project Manager Manufacturing Resume Sample

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Project Management / Hydraulic & Mechanical System Design / Sales & Operations Management
Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Goal Setting & Organizational Leadership
New Product/Technology Design, Prototype Development, Quality & Production Management
Presentation, Communication, Negotiation, Persuasion & Dealmaking
Successful business executive, marketer and “dealmaker” with extensive experience throughout North America and abroad. Able to identify business opportunities and leverage competencies to drive growth, reduce costs, improve market positioning and strengthen bottom-line financial performance. Excellent qualifications in planning, marketing, budgeting, expense control, staffing, training, and quality management.

Multinational experience. Fluent in English and French. Worldwide travel throughout the U.S., France, England, Middle East, China, Venezuela, Ecuador.

Professional Skills Profile
Sales, Marketing & New Business Development Product Design, Development & Manufacturing
Global Market Development Government & Regulatory Relations
Budget & Financial Affairs Operations Management
Profit & Loss Management
AutoCad / Publisher / PowerPoint
Human Resource Affairs
Access / Excel
Selected Project Accomplishments
Hold two (2) patents on the design of “Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection Apparatus.”
Designed and manufactured “Computer Controlled Test Stands” for small coil tubing mud motors.
Developed “Single Point Steering Arms” for wireline skids and trucks.
Developed a “3 Piece Helicopter Portable Slickline Unit.”
Professional Work History
DEKE, INC., Lafayette, LA 2001 to Present
Consultant (Design spooling units exclusively for NOVA Technology Corporation)
Work with NOVA personnel to determine unit requirements and design unit accordingly. Develop bid packages consisting of drawings, specifications and requirements. Evaluate fabricators performance ability and work with selected manufacturers during construction. Appraise bid proposals and recommend acceptable bids. Develop and implement acceptance test procedures for the unit.
D&W WIRELINE, INC., Lafayette, LA 1979 to 2001
Owner / Operator (Sold in 2001)
Founded and operated the largest independent manufacturer of wireline equipment from 1979 to 2001. Designed and manufactured computer controlled systems, hydraulic systems, generator systems, and zone II engine packages. Identified market demand and opportunity and developed a worldwide market, exporting to every major oilfield company shipping equipment throughout the U.S. and abroad. Interfaced directly with company representatives during planning stages and daily construction to maintain a solid customer relationship and discuss any present and future problems that have or could arise. Directed all daily and long-term business planning and management functions, staffing, technology systems, and all business process/infrastructure affairs.Primary customers included Halliburton (Otis), Baker Hughes, Western Atlas, Wood Group, Sperry Sun, Geoservices, Baker Hughes, Western Atlas, China National Petroleum, and Saudi Aramco. Negotiated numerous contracts with domestic and foreign corporations including BPB in the UK for $1.2M, Shengli Oilfield in China for $500,000, Dagong Oilfield in China for $250,000.

Selected Accomplishments / Projects:

  • Formed License Agreement with Wood Group to manufacture D&W equipment in Aberdeen, Scotland for the North Sea Area.
  • Increased market share by entering new market areas including cabins, lab buildings, spooling units, and grease injector systems.
  • Second company in Louisiana to use SBA Contract Guarantee Loan Programs to fund construction projects.
  • Grew company from 2 employees and $250,000 in sales in 1979 to 65 employees and $4.2M in sales.
LAMB ENTERPRISES, Lafayette, LA 1973 to 1979
Manager, Manufacturing and Engineering, 1975 to 1979
Maintained complete responsibility for the conception, design, procuring of components and fabrication of systems to ultrasonically inspect oilfield tubular goods, which consisted of hydraulic power units, air systems, portable electric generators, air and solid-state logic controllers and d.c. variable speed motors. Ultrasonic Inspection systems included a stationary unit to inspect casing, tubing and drill pipe; a portable unit to inspect tubing and drill pipe while hanging in the derrick; and a portable system for inspecting casing, tubing and drill pipe anywhere on land.
LAMB INDUSTRIES, Lafayette, LA 1973 to 1975
Project Engineer
Planned and designed assigned individual and group projects. Supervised Quality Control Department.

Selected Accomplishments / Projects:

  • Conducted useful Load Verification Test at University of Illinois on modified 750 Ton Spider-Elevator.
  • Designed electric, diesel, and PTO driven hydraulic power units, electric and air powered stabbing boards, development of an automated pipe yard, and submerged arc welding of casing.
Senior Engineer – Nuclear Services Section
Designed and built new and/or improved existing logging systems including feasibility studies, system proposals, actual circuit design, testing, packaging, field evaluation, and liaison support to manufacturing and inspection departments. Obtained proficiency in discrete electronics, integrated circuits, op-amps, digital logic, high voltage power supplies and regulators, and design of high-pressure mechanical assemblies.

Selected Accomplishments / Projects

  • Designed linear pulse integrator, preamplifier, pulse shaper, scaler, pulse detector circuits, photomultiplier and Geiger radiation counters.
BOEING COMPANY, New Orleans, LA 1967 to 1970
Associate Research Engineer
Detailed the planning, execution, and reporting of research programs directed toward developing new and/or improving upon existing fabrication processes.  Programs resulted in building of a prototype. Maintained liaison support to factory; supported bid proposals for new business on launch vehicles, lunar roving vehicles, and the space shuttle.

Selected Accomplishments / Projects

  • Implemented a closed loop servo adaptive control system for a numerical control milling machine; developed a portable power and temperature regulated quartz lamp heating system; adapted electromagnetic and electrohydraulic high energy rate forming process to forming complex shape parts.
  • Authored and presented technical paper entitled “Electromagnetic Forming Techniques Used to Correct Contour Distortions on Saturn S-1C Bulkheads,” 2nd Int’l Conference for the Center of High Energy Forming, June 1969.
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Houston, TX Pulse and Digital Circuits Statistical Communications
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, New Orleans, LA Computer Programming
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA, Lafayette, LA B.S. in Electrical Engineering

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