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Software Engineer with seven years experience in embedded systems, networking, and database.
• Implemented remote control protocols for GPIB and TCP/IP sockets for optical test equipment.
• Designed and implemented remote log manager and execution monitor module for test instrument using NT level debug APIs and WinSock2.
• Developed E-commerce software system using Java RMI, JDBC, Swing, and MS Access.
• Designed and maintained authorization Web-site (Apache Server, DHTML, CGI).
• Created utility software for searching and sorting huge data files generated by FEA software (C++. MFC).
• Programmed VB server to allow Delphi applications to communicate with embedded controller using RS232 remotely via TCP/IP.
• Project Head at Digital Ship Lab: Designed/developed 3-tier distributed Navy digital ship network software system involving protocols, security, and SQL Server 2000.
• Embedded Systems Development Project (done on Win32 using VC++, MFC, and system APIs): Full life-cycle requirements definition through integration testing.
• SNAPSTER Graduate Project (in C on Linux): Designed/implemented generic file sharing system based on FTP where central server acts as global broker for distributed files.
• Graduate TCP Simulation Research Project (in C on Linux): Designed/implemented TCP API on top of UPD to provide adaptive and reliable transmission of large data sets.
• Front-end Script Generator for ABAQUS Project (in FORTRAN 77): Increased utilization threshold of departmental resources by automating generation of FEA input files using.
Tech School, Blacksburg, VA
2001 - Present
Research Assistant
University, College Station, TX
1999 - 2000
Research Assistant
Baker and Baker, Inc., Beijing, China
1998 - 1999
Software Engineer / Project Head
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
1995 - 1998
Research Assistant
MCP for Visual Basic 6.0 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft Corporation-1999
Advanced Computer Programmer (C), Beijing-1994
Advanced Computer Programmer (FORTRAN 77), Beijing-1992
Skill including keyword nouns and terminology.
Operating Systems - Unix/Linux, Windows 2000, NT, 98/95, MS-DOS
Programming Languages - C /C++ (expert), Visual Basic 6, Fortran 77, SQL, PL/SQL, Delphi 4 (Pascal), Assembly, Java, HTML, XML, UML, CGI, Perl, JavaScript
Networking/Protocols - TCP/IP, MFC, ATL, COM, WFC, PCI-GPIB, RS232, RS485
Applications - Visual C++, DreamWeaver, FrontPage 98, Protel 98, AutoCAD 14, 3dsmax, Matleb 5.3, Maple, Labview, Oracle DB, SQL Server 2000, MS-Office
Hardware - Apache Server, War FTP Server
Hardware - Apache Server, War FTP Server
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
M.S., Computer Science
GPA: 3.7, Key Subject Areas:

• Computer/Network Security • Programming Languages
• Real-Time Systems • Network Architecture
• Operating Systems • Data Structures/Algorithms
• Advanced Networking • Embedded System Design
• Information Visualization • Database Systems
• Software Engineering • Information Storage/Retrieval
Tsinghua University, Beijing China
M.S., Computational/Solid Mechanics
GPA: 4.0
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing China
B.A., Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science
GPA: 4.0
Gaotian Scholarship, Tsinghua University
Second Prize, Advanced Mathematics Competition, Beijing
Outstanding Student Fellowship, Beijing Institute of Tech
Outstanding Undergraduate, Beijing Institute of Tech
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Texas A&M University

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