Senior Software Engineer Resume Sample

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Senior Software Engineer


Senior software engineer with nine years of programming experience including Java, database systems, Y2K verification, and COBOL migration. Demonstrated ability to direct and motivate a team of software engineers to complete projects meeting specifications and deadlines. Expertise in determining customer needs and effectively translating those needs into software solutions. In-depth knowledge of operating system functions and techniques to optimize legacy code.


  • C/C++
  • Java
  • VisualBasic
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • VMS
  • Focus
  • Natural
  • Perl


ACME RESOURCES, Louisville, KY 2001 - Present

Senior Software Engineer
Managed a team of seven software engineers to maintain and enhance large relational databases for a Human Resources firm. Collaborated with Marketing to identify new products and features, develop 3-year business strategy, and aggressive, 9-month technology convergence plan. Directed software engineers and third-party contractors on programming methodology, priorities, and deadlines, allocating resources as needed.

  • Completed major product release, meeting very aggressive, externally committed schedule and budget.
  • Developed and maintained complex applications to deliver data-driven content to Web users.
  • Ported source code to multiple platforms to widen product availability and increase sales by 70%.
  • Researched and evaluated third-party Web applets; prototyped, developed, tested, and delivered solution for secure, personalized employee benefit Web pages.
FERNDALE CORPORATION, Lexington, KY 2000 - 2001

Software Developer
Designed, developed, and implemented a customer-relationship management system used by entire corporation to communicate with external customers. Served as project lead, process owner, and programmer analyst in dynamic technical environment requiring continuous application of new skill sets to support and link multiple platforms, including MS Windows, UNIX, VMS, and MVS.

  • Fixed exception-handling defects in compiler, addressing both compile-time and run-time errors. Wrote error-detection code that reduced analysis time from several days to one hour.
  • Redesigned build-generation process, reducing build errors, simplifying user interface, and decreasing build times by 62%.
  • Mentored and trained project members in writing forward-compatible code. Acted as department-wide expert on verification procedures for assuring forward compatibility.
  • Drove customer issue escalation resolution, decreasing backlog of customer issues by 36%.
OCTAGON, INC., Lexington, KY 1997 - 2000

Java Programmer
Designed, wrote, and debugged Java programs for Web-based retail services. Led Y2K team focused on verifying readiness of all Web-related technologies. Implemented corporate repository for Java-based objects and documented code to guide future utilization.

  • Created a fully automated Web ordering/payment system using Java, merging customer database with Web presence to provide a personalized experience for customers.
  • Designed routines to receive Web orders, build customer records, create invoices, and issue unlock password codes to maintain privacy.
  • Devised an "FAQ" Access database designed to minimize technical support inquiries and provide users with "instant" information. After three months of use, average call volume decreased by 30% while customer satisfaction levels increased by 14%.
FJK CORPORATION, Louisville, KY 1993 - 1997

Applications Developer
Designed and debugged custom financial routines including account adjustments, statement processing, and investor record queries. Migrated COBOL code from VAX VMS system to Sun Solaris workstations. Rewrote legacy reports designed for line printers to print on laser printers using Postscript.

  • Met with finance officer to assess programming needs and supplied custom code to meet specifications.
  • Optimized existing code by identifying and rewriting inefficient subroutines, reducing processing time by over 75% for some jobs.
  • Supported mainframe to PC connectivity and data transfer, enabling expert users to employ desktop software to analyze mainframe data.
  • Experimented with new technologies and routines to increase efficiency and reduce processing time.


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 1993
Louisville College, Louisville, Kentucky

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