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Delivering world-class marketing strategies that connect people with sporting brands and accessories
Sports-marketing advisor, consultant, manager, and innovative "think-tank" positioning brands to entice "Generation X" consumers. Thrive on surpassing market competitors, aggressively increasing market share and driving profit margins to new heights. Vigorously embrace assignments outside the nine dots; excel in conceiving unconventional tactics that transform young-adult consumer behaviors into high-impact campaigns that build cutting-edge brand imagery and consumer affinity. Creative, focused, intuitive, and persistent with extensive bank of influential media and industry contacts.

• Sports Marketing • Special Event Management
• Athlete Management & Sponsorship • TV / Media Anchor (local & international)
• Marketing & Promotions • Branding/Co-Branding
• Athlete Management • Extreme Sports Marketing/Promotions
• Media Relations • Sponsorship Consulting
• Start-Up Ventures & New Enterprises • Competitive Market & Product Positioning
Helix Wind and Snow Boarding, San Diego, CA
1999 - Present
Marketing Manager/Managing Director

Innovative start-up touring venture conceived through a successful career as a winning competitor with "brand-name" recognition prompted by a series of competitive wins, on-camera media appearances, movie features, and events management triumphs. With a vision to connect sports enthusiasts with professional athletes of wakeboard, motocross, snowboarding and surfing disciplines, the idea rapidly gained momentum, delivering hundreds of people eager to participate in coaching clinics, competitive events and special promotions, further rewarded by intense corporate sponsors and media interest.
Shaped core business infrastructure to ride a turbulent market, established lucrative alliances with key business decision-makers through a strategized guerrilla marketing campaign, negotiated equitable payment terms, and arranged capital financing.

Critical to the success of the venture was evaluating the business demographic and services provided. Spearheaded extensive market survey of US and Australian consumers to identify and link products and services with the desired demographic of specific age groups, genders, and purchasing potential. To date have exposed products to 115,000+ sports fans, and reached 250,000 people via media coverage.

• Pursued and nurtured business alliances with 40 specialist retail stores nationally. Intense interest generated for sponsored products during demonstrations, coaching clinics and media coverage, instantly translates to sales at a local level during each road tour. Personally created 19 new accounts and introduced 7 new products on behalf of sponsors, that served to build new revenue streams for local retailers.
• Wooed and captured 9 lucrative sponsorships overcoming obstacles posed by a difficult economy, tightening corporate budgets and seasoned negotiators by offering strong value-for-money advertising campaigns and extensive national media exposure. Personal branding has reached 1.8 million people and growing with each tour. Acquired sponsorships or provide marketing and advertising consultancy to: Holden, Clarion, Red Bull, Swatch, Malibu Boats, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Ford, Globe International, Yamaha Motorcycles, Monza Imports, Tige Boats, and Sims Snowboards.
• Event Manager / Site Coordinator / Sponsorship Coordinator, Tour 1999, 2000.
• Motocross Coordinator, 900º surf and skate industry celebrations 1999, 2000, 2001.
• Tour & Athlete Manager, Wakeboard Tours, Australia and USA.

FJK Imports, San Diego, CA
1998 - 1999
Senior Sales Representative / Marketing Consultant / Sports, Event & Athlete Management Consultant

High profile industry reputation and existing sponsorship with Acme Imports prompted recruitment as a senior sales, marketing, and events/athlete management consultant, driving product expansion into previously unexplored markets. Challenged by small marketing and advertising budgets, the products have been an unexpected success, surpassing the most optimistic sales forecasts and continuing to gain momentum as more retail partners are developed.

• Introduced snow gear and outer wear helmets to the Education Department.
• Researched and developed clothing and eyewear products for sponsors including a motocross label to surfing and wakeboarding sectors.
• Managed orders and inventory control as a key point of contact for retailers and suppliers.
• Spearheaded athlete team establishment and management, providing marketing consultancy, and event management.

Geo Water Sports, San Diego, CA
1996 - 1998
Sales and Marketing - Boats
Managed complete retail sales, represented company at trade shows, devised marketing strategies and acted as a primary point of contact for sales enquiries.
• Sports TV Presenter FoxSport, Channel 23 and Europe's Chill Scene.
• Regional TV news and media relations commentator/contributor.
• Seasoned professional instructor, wakeboard and snowboard coaching to elite levels.
• Sponsor representative at international trade shows.
• Featured wakeboard and motocross rider with video/movie credits.
• Key contributor, numerous educational and travel articles.
• Motivational speaker to education sector.
• Winner, numerous state, regional, national and international titles for motocross and snowboard events; winner numerous sports awards for youth development, and tireless contributions to advancing the popularity and profile of snowboarding and wakeboarding.
California Business School, San Diego, CA
Certificate, Small Business Training
California Business School, San Diego, CA
Human Movement Course
San Diego Institute of Technology, San Diego, CA
Certificate, Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering
Hundreds of hours devoted to ongoing professional development through attendance at workshops, information sessions and short courses. Includes training in computer applications, people management, and occupational health and safety.
Holder: Boat license, Aircraft Towing License, Private Fixed Wing Pilot's License, car and motorcycle licenses, national motorcycle race license. Pending: Rotary/Helicopter Private Pilot's License. 

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