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Master of Business Administration/Technology Management
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows 2000)
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified Professional
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA A+

Technical Strengths: Hardware/Software Programming, Operating Systems, LAN, WAN, Internet & Intranet Security, Routers, Firewalls, Data Warehousing, Disaster Recovery, Visual Basics, Virus Prevention (Worms & Trojan Horse)
Personal Strengths: IT Support, Systems Administration/Management, Troubleshooting, Thin Client Architecture, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Client Relationship Building
Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Fuji MCS-16F, Windows 95X, Windows-NT Server 4.0
Programming: Lotus Notes 4.X, R5, Fortran, Basic, Teamstudio CIAO, Visual Basics, Landesk Management, Filemaker Pro, PC Anywhere-32, Lotus Screen Cam
Analysis Packages: Spice, Mininec, Control-C
System Administrator
Reported directly to IT Manager for large international company providing environmental consulting services across 120 locations world-wide.  Managed Lotus Notes network; monitored server performance, memory and disk space; managed and created databases; analyzed, programmed computer applications and systems for users; attended to application issues and server problems; updated user accounts; performed analysis of existing hardware and software; and evaluation of potential network enhancements.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through the design, development and roll out of the Inventory Database for hardware/ software and user licenses.
  • Led implementation of Lotus support throughout the mid-state locations and provided on-going management of the Lotus Notes network; all locations connected via a WAN supported by 14 Lotus Notes servers.
  • Improved client relations and service based on outstanding communication, technical efficiency and problem-solving skills.
  • Received two “Outstanding Performance Awards” in recognition of outstanding user service within the first seven months of employment.
  • Provided on-site support to all clients and managers within the state.  Resolved problems relating to the operation of the network by developing solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the system.
  • Analyzed and monitored existing network for efficiency and effectiveness, including server performance, activity, memory and disk space.
  • Coordinated server security, backup, and restoration measures for unplanned outages or other network security issues.
ZURICH — New York, NY 1996 – 1999
System Administrator
  • Independently managed and administered Zurich’s internal system infrastructure, including maintaining the Public Address Book (PAB) and administering servers on a daily basis; consisted of 22 locations across the US, all connected via a WAN supported by 18 Lotus Note servers.
  • Key player in the rollout of 14 Lotus Notes applications, a $1 million project aimed at simulating a paperless environment and continuing improvement of standards; provided technical support to team members and users during the deployment of applications.
  • Instrumental in building and maintaining a test environment to support the deployment of all internal applications; server ran NT 4.0 with Lotus Notes Server 4.61 and TeamStudio Life Cycle software to support the development effort.  Public Address Book (PAB) and Access Control Lists (ACL) were built to the developers' specification to simulate real life situations.
Manufacturing Engineer
  • Identified new and innovative approaches to enhance business development through the implementation of machine programming using MCS/2 system software.
  • Developed and conducted various training and instruction courses for new personnel on the operation of the Helmerk Automated S.M.T. Line.
  • Acted as direct liaison between WES project and Technology Services teams to interpret designs relating to development and operation of the manufacturing software program.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Master of Business Administration/Technology Management (1996)
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (1983)
Organizational Behavior • Legal Environment of Business • Information Management In Business • Advanced Marketing Management • Statistics for Managerial Decision-Making • Operations Management • Applied Microeconomics • Financial Accounting • Managerial Finance •  E-Business Principles and Practice • New Venture Management • Project Management • Management of R&D and Innovation Processes • Technology Transfer In The Global Economy

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