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Offering diverse, cross-functional leadership that manages risk, reengineers unproductive work processes, creates sustainable and cost-effective work programs, and strategically positions organizations to evolve technically through calculated resource management and regulatory compliance. Acknowledged as a pivotal contact point for troubleshooting, driving "big-picture" change, and enlisting the enthusiastic support of subordinates and management to accomplish ongoing efficiency of cost improvements.

• Engineering Maintenance System (EMS) • Building Maintenance System (BMS)
• Strategic Maintenance Programs • Cost/Benefit Analysis
• Feasibility Studies • Soft Refurbishments
• Whole of Life Costs • Project Management
• Critical Replacement Warehousing • Sustainable Work Processes
• Environmental Management Programs • Resource Management
Business Experience
Big Green Hotels and Resorts, Northern Territory
1996 - Present
Technical Services Manager
Premier tourist destination, Ayers Rock Resort, the largest and most successful resort in Australia with 800+ staff, 900 guest rooms, 2 camping-grounds, airport, retail facilities, amphitheater and auditorium.

Introduced a system of evolutionary change by steadily turning around operations plagued with poor staff morale, non-existent systems, minimal code compliance, and a transient trade population. Efforts have generated dramatic cost savings and productivity gains, winning the praise of management and staff for strengthening the quality and strength of technical services. Professional reputation as a troubleshooter and staff/technical resource has prompted frequent communications and on-site travel to other Big Green properties.

• Reinstated and totally revamped resort-wide preventative maintenance program discarded by previous management during unsuccessful and costly foray into outsourced contract engineering. With all preventative maintenance performed 'in-house', outstanding issues are carefully tracked, recorded and resolved, optimizing continuity of equipment and property maintenance, and leading to all departments recording significant cost savings. Breakdown calls were slashed by up to 90%, and savings of $200,000 in wages were recorded over 2 years.
• Identified deficiencies in code compliance management stemming from lack of checks, balances and accountability. Devised accurate tool for measuring code compliance in each area reinforcing leadership's need to report and monitor all outstanding compliance issues for regular audits.
• Reduced operational budgets by $250,000 through a program of high caliber trades recruitment and instituting a complementary skills mix reducing the need for trade specialists. Rolled out program of 1:1 communication and performance feedback as a motivational instrument for staff retention.
• Overhauled fleet management program assuring greater accountability for individual departments managing 97 fleet assets resort-wide.
Fruit of the Ocean, Ltd., Fiji/New Zealand
1995 - 1996
Director of Operations
Reported to: Managing Director. Staff: 8: vessel skipper and crew; factory processing staff. Budget: $500,000

Personally selected by owners to analyze the potential of a joint-venture exporting fresh fish to Hawaii. Directed complete infrastructure development, negotiating for land, buildings, and a processing/export facility, while simultaneously engaging influential Fijian government officers in discussions to win tax incentives and special dispensations.

• Drove business operation to achieve profitability in 6 months; reversed the attitudes of initially skeptical fisherman towards enthusiasm for producing a quality export product.
• Educated local fisherman on methods to maximize the quality of catch and capitalize on return for labor.
• Established all plant and equipment, developing a solid network of quality suppliers and trades personnel to assure productive and reliable processing operations.
Fruit of the Ocean, Ltd., North Island, NZ
1990 - 1995
Plant Manager/Director Shellfish Operations
Reported to: Managing Director. Staff: Up to 123: factory manager, office assistant and up to 120 processing staff (seasonal).

Responding to the increasing demand for quality product, was instrumental in catapulting annual plant turnovers from $900,000 to $5.5 million in just 2 years, becoming the largest, most cost-effective operation of its kind in New Zealand's North Island. Gained management commendation for capacity to drive revolutionary change while simultaneously maintaining the support and acceptance of staff, suppliers and fisherman.

• Successfully lobbied staff and management to embrace growth by turning 8-hour process into a 24-hour continuous processing plant, achieving rapid savings in operational costs, and boosting output 300% to meet demands for product.
• Single-handedly marketed "Farmed Oysters" winning rare export licenses and returning a favorable profit from time of launch.
• Designed new plant and equipment to achieve competitive edge.
• Rolled out complete ISO 9002 quality program for industry credibility and product assurances to export markets.
• Developed strong alliances with overseas buyers, regularly trouncing competitors' efforts by emphasizing value-added services, over purely price-driven buying considerations.
Australian Institute of Management
Diploma, General Management
Australian Institute of Management
Management Essentials
New Zealand-Southland Polytechnic
Certificate, Marine Fitting and Turning Trade

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