Vice President of Sales and Operations Resume Sample

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Achieving Business Growth Objectives in Domestic and International Markets

Dynamic leadership career combines executive management success with proven expertise in delivering outstanding sales and marketing outcomes in highly-competitive industries and markets. A consummate business professional with the creative and strategic vision to build an organization's infrastructure, sales and business operations that positions a company for long-term revenue and profit growth. Direct, decisive management style. Solutions-focused and results-driven. Strong analytical, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills.
• Strategic Business Planning and Development
• Competitive Sales and Marketing Strategies
• New Venture Startup and Operational Leadership
• Product Performance and Market Optimization
• Logistics Development and Management
• Partnership and Alliance Development
1998 - Present
Vice President of Chemical Sales and Operations

(Startup chemical products company.) Partnered in launch of new business venture to build sales, distribution and market growth of chemical products in the United States, Canada and abroad. Report directly to CEO as member of executive management team with full responsibility for the strategic planning, cost analysis, logistics, and all sales and marketing functions for chemical segment, with $18 million in annual sales. Additional charge for leading the development and startup of new packaging operation in Texas, currently producing sales in excess of $5.5 million. Manage one direct report in driving forward market objectives.

• Contributed to the growth and increasing market presence of the organization, with company achieving combined sales of approximately $165 million and bottom-line profit of approximately $17 million.
• Wrote, developed and executed marketing plan for chemical segment. Formed strategic partnerships with major chemical producers, such as Poona, Fin man, Odessa, Kuhn and Blaine. Secured new sales agreements to generate $14-$15 million in sales per year. Developed and negotiated all logistics for segment.
• Created, developed and executed marketing plan for entry into packaging business. Played instrumental role in overall development and organization of operation's infrastructure and sales platform, with sales exceeding $7.5 million. Decision-making involvement in sales, operations, equipment and administration.
• Assigned to the global chemical team responsible for the strategic planning, development and sales to the chemical industry in Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries, with expectations of an additional 1.5 million tons of products produced and sold in this segment.

1986 - 1997
($325 million producer of industrial, highway and chemical grade products.)
Market Unit Manager - Chemical and Western Region
1994 - 1997

Promoted to key management position responsible for P&L, strategic planning, analysis and sales of chemical products to group customers in United States and Canada. Accountable for $8 million in net sales. Created and implemented innovative marketing strategies upon thorough evaluation of marketplace and market conditions. Involved in all aspects of sales process, including bids, specifications, pricing and contract negotiations. Held concurrent accountability for Western Region, with net sales of $2.7 million. Oversaw activities of one direct report.

• Formed strategic partnerships with list of major accounts comprising Blaine, Poona, Kent, Pitman Knobble and Keene Chemical.
• Championed increase in chemical business by 27% per year and raised profit performance of group by 15%.
• Instrumental in advancing company's efforts into international markets.
• Defined market plan and reestablished market presence in Western Region, increasing profit margins from 25% to 45%.
• Met 98% of prior year's net sales in Western Region while increasing profit performance with less staff and overhead.
• Earned company's highest honor for exceptional standards and outstanding performance.

Regional Highway and Chemical Product Manager
1991 - 1994

Accountable for overall sales and profit performance of chemical products group customers within United States and Canada. Developed and implemented marketing programs. Directly managed distribution and transportation activities, along with budgeting in governmental sector and sales in non-governmental sector within a four-state territory.

• Developed critical alliances with new and existing customers, achieving $5.5 million in chemical sales.
• Spearheaded introduction of de-icing program that targeted non-governmental, smaller markets, producing $2.5 million in new revenue regionally and $9 million nationally.
• Maintained responsibility for a 1.5 million-ton highway market with overall sales reaching $37 million.
• Initiated and managed ongoing development of governmental sales in Western market, generating $1.7 million annually.

Highway Territory Manager
1986 - 1991

Responsible for six-state area. Managed day-to-day business operations, along with sales, credit and complaints. Organized distribution functions including negotiating rates for freight, handling and unloading.

• Laid ground work for company's expansion into Western Region marketplace, accelerating market penetration.
• Played an instrumental role in securing the extension of a $5.5 million Chicago contract at an increase.
• Identified profitable distribution opportunities to generate growth in cash flow during off-season months.
• Reanalyzed logistical operations to achieve lowered distribution costs overall.
• First U.S.-based manager chosen to attend International Young Managers Program, a two-week European conference.

M.B.A., Marketing
B.S., Business
Seminars in computer applications, persuasive speaking, negotiating, skills for success and total quality management (TQM)

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