Finding Jobs in a Small Business

Did you know that small businesses are doing more hiring than large corporations or the government? Small business is the biggest job sector.

In fact, most of employers are small businesses and for very good reasons!

  • Small business owners often involve their staff in decision-making. Offering input gives employees the chance to be creative and makes them assets for any growing business.
  • Small business employers tend to hire based on attitude, personality and appearance. That means they are willing to hire the right person, even if he or she does not have the exact skills for the job. The right person can always learn!

What is a Small Business?

  • Over 50% of all companies are small businesses.
  • Small businesses are the main source of employment and job creation.
  • More than 80% of small businesses have four or fewer employees.
  • Over 70% of small businesses operate in the “service sector” and the remainder is in the “goods sector”.

A small business often:

  • has less than 50 employees
  • needs people with basic skills like bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and computer know-how
  • adapts to changes and trends in the market
  • specializes in new technology fields
  • trains enthusiastic employees on the job

The Small Business Advantages

There are many advantages and only a few disadvantages of working in small business. Some characteristics of small business can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your personality and work ethic.

  • Small businesses want employees who show initiative and can work on their own. You need to be flexible and willing to multi-task.
  • Working for a small company is more personalized. You will probably work directly with the owner or manager.
  • Depending on the size of the business, the training and background of the owner, working conditions may be unstructured. This can be an opportunity if you are industrious and a self-starter.
  • Working for a small business offers more diversity. You generally learn many skills and become more marketable for future positions, promotions and raises. For example, a salesperson in a small retail store may be responsible for sales and customer service, but may also have the chance to learn new skills like bookkeeping or marketing.
  • Small business promotes employers based on ability, performance and motivation, not necessarily on seniority. If you work hard and do well, you often stand a good for promotion.
  • The owners often run small businesses. Small business owners "wear many hats" and are often overworked. They may appear to be disorganized or preoccupied, but these are often opportunities for you to use your skills to help.

You may search for jobs right now, but when you find one you must apply immediately for it with your current CV or resume. We recommend that you have your cover letter ready too. So, do not forget about our resume writing, CV writing and cover letter writing advices.

art_tip finding jobs, jobs, small businessBefore you start searching for jobs you need to prepare your resume or CV and cover letter.

for CVs:

for resumes:

Because CVs and resumes refer mainly to the past time with exception of your present job and employers are interested mostly in the future of they companies, often cover letters are more important or convincing to them then the accompanying resume or CV. So, prepare a cover letter.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

When your job application consisting of your job cover letter and resume or CV is completed you are ready to submit your resume to employers and job recruiters in places where you want to work.

When a potential employer invite you for an interview, you need to prepare yourself to win at the interview and get the job you want.

Other Finding Jobs in a Small Business Info

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Good luck with finding jobs in a small business!


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