The ways that we go about a career have changed. It used to be that you could call a few recruiters, send out some CVs or resumes and look for job ads in your Saturday newspaper.

A career search now? - It's a jungle out there!

Accounting Careers, Occupations and Jobs

Accounting Careers

Accounting companies provide accounting and related services, including auditing, financial reporting and tax-related services.

Accounting occupations include accountants, chartered accountants, controllers, comptrollers, auditors, cost accountants, tax specialists, accounting supervisors, bookkeepers and students in professional training programs.

Most jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field.

A master's degree, proficiency in accounting and auditing computer software or specialized expertise will have an advantage.

Accountants and auditors help to ensure that the firms are run efficiently, its public records kept accurately, and its taxes paid properly and on time. They perform these vital functions by offering an increasingly wide array of business and accounting services to their clients. These services include public, management and government accounting, as well as internal auditing.

Beyond the fundamental tasks of the occupation - preparing, analyzing and verifying financial documents in order to provide information to clients - many accountants now are required to possess a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Accountants and auditors are broadening the services they offer to include budget analysis, financial and investment planning, information technology consulting, and limited legal services.

Increasingly, accountants also are assuming the role of a personal financial advisor. They not only provide clients with accounting and tax help, but also help them develop personal budgets, manage assets and investments, plan for retirement, and recognize and reduce exposure to risks.

Accounting Related Careers

Accounting Resume Samples:

You may search for accounting careers or accounting jobs right now, but when you find one you must apply immediately for it with your current CV or resume. We recommend that you have your cover letter ready too. So, do not forget about our resume writing, CV writing and cover letter writing advices.

art_tip accounting careersBefore you start searching for accounting careers you need to prepare your resume or CV and cover letter.

for CVs:

for resumes:

Because CVs and resumes refer mainly to the past time with exception of your present job and employers are interested in the future of they companies, often cover letters are more important or convincing to them then the accompanying resume or CV. So, prepare a cover letter.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

When your accounting job application consisting of your job cover letter and resume or CV is completed you are ready to submit your resume to employers and job recruiters in places where you want to work.

When a potential employer invite you for an interview, you need to prepare yourself to win at the interview and get the job you want.

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Good luck with accounting careers!


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