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The type of job search through the CV & resume posting services

This is a passive job search. Your resume or CV must be ready for posting. You select posting services and submit your job application to them. They will post your resume or CV to they database of companies.

This is a better way then your personal job search at search engines but you are going to compete with many other job seekers. Your CV or resume will be posted between millions of other job seekers. After payment your job application will be posted.

  • Just one simple form makes your resume instantly available to employers and recruiters on up to 87 of the very best job banks and job search engines including:
    Monster, Yahoo! HotJobs,, CareerBuilder, Job Bank USA,, Dice, TechEmployment,,, Marketing Jobs, CollegeJobBoard etc,
  • Multiple categories selection of career sites where you can post your resume,
  • Job Matches by Email of new job opportunities and job listings,
  • If you select "Keep My Identity Confidential" during registration, your personal information will be kept confidential,
  • Job Search Report of all job banks, your resume was posted to.

Of course, this offer is covered by 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

So, do not waste your time and try them right now!

You may search for jobs right now, but when you find one you must apply immediately for it with your current CV or resume. We recommend that you have your cover letter ready too. So, do not forget about our resume writing, CV writing and cover letter writing advices.

art tipBefore you start searching for jobs you need to prepare your resume or CV and cover letter.

If you have a difficulty with your CV or resume writing, instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use

for CVs:

for resumes:

Because CVs and resumes refer mainly to the past time with exception of your present job and employers are interested mostly in the future of they companies, often cover letters are more important or convincing to them then the accompanying resume or CV. So, prepare a cover letter.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

When your job application consisting of your job cover letter and resume or CV is completed you are ready to submit your resume to employers and job recruiters in places where you want to work.

When a potential employer invite you for an interview, you need to prepare yourself to win at the interview and get the job you want.

Other CV & Resume Posting Services Info

In addition, on international job search, international cover letters, international CVs & Resumes, international job interviews and international business dress codes pages, you will find very useful tips for many different countries.

Good luck with our CV & resume posting services.


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