Government Jobs for a job Seekers

Federal jobs are listed by Federal Government agencies in vacancy announcements published in various journals, web sites, directories, databases, mailing lists and hotlines.

Each Federal job vacancy should include;

  • the announcement number
  • the description of the position
  • the requirements
  • the deadline to apply
  • the series/grade
  • the salary range
  • the promotion potential
  • the basis for rating
  • application guidelines such as format (OF 612, resume, etc..), resume guidelines and KSA questions.

The Federal Government hiring process being pretty strict, not respecting the rules and deadlines listed in the vacancy will get you irremediably disqualified, even if you are the most qualified candidate.

Federal Jobs' Sites

While it is recommended to check government agencies' web sites for more information, here are a few sites that list vacancies for Federal jobs: USAJobs, FedWorld, America's Job Bank, StudentJobs.

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Country Job Search or Job Search in Country

Other Government Jobs Info

To be successful in your job search and getting jobs you want, you need to prepare a cover letter and CV or resume which you must email instantly to the prospective employers selected during a job search.

When you receive an invitation to the job interview, you may apply for the visa and work permit. Then prepare yourself for a job interview and take a look at dress code because how you dress is the one of the most important attribute in being hired.

Check the job interview do & don't and other job search skills pages. Find out why people are not hired for available jobs.

In addition, on job search visas , work permits, cover letter, CV & resume, job interviews and dress codes pages, you will find very useful tips for many different countries.

Good luck with government jobs search!