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Dear Mr./Ms:

I am applying for the Sales Associate position which we discussed during the Career Fair at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on (date). My varied sales experience and my bachelor's degree in Business Administration are my strongest qualifications for this position.

As you can see from the enclosed resume, I have sold a variety of products through my extracurricular activities and have worked in many banking environments through my cooperative education and internship positions. My marketing, computer research, and customer relations experiences, as well as my oral and written communication skills, should prove valuable in increasing (name of company's) sales volume. I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career in sales with (name of company) because of its diverse product line and international scope.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and can be reached at (phone number) from noon to five daily. I will be in New York next week and will call you on (date) to discuss the possibility of an interview.

(Handwritten signature)
Your name, typed

Enclosure(s): resume

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art_remember Cover Letter SampleCheck the spelling and grammar of your cover letter based on this cover letter sample. Use the word processor's spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and English or other language usage errors or if you need help in organizing your job letter, send it to a professional for assistance.

Remember that your cover letter must be targeted and scannable.

art_tip Cover Letter SampleIf you have a difficulty with this cover letter sample, instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use:

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