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Thank You Note Templates


Please replace all tags in the thank you note templates e.g. [ Your Name ] with your own information:

[ Your Name ]
[ Street Address ]
[ City, State, Zip ]

[ Date of writing ]

[ Recipient name ]
[ Professional title ]
[ Company/Organization name ]
[ Street Address ]
[ City, State, Zip ]

Dear [ Mr./Ms. ][ Last name ] :

It was a pleasure to visit you and to meet the members of your staff. I was pleased with the opportunity to get a closer look at [ Company/Organization name ] and to hear of the many ventures being undertaken.

2nd paragraph (See suggestions below for possible applicable paragraphs)

I was most impressed with your organization, especially in the area of [ quality control ]. As I understand, you will contact me within a month regarding further consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you again for the interview.

[ Handwritten signature ]
[ Your name (typed) ]

1. Paragraph to add information not covered in the interview:

In reviewing the interview:

  • I was aware that we did not discuss the area of [ subject ].
  • I would like to add that my [ recent / summer ] employment provided an opportunity for development of some expertise in the field of [ describe aspect ].

2. Paragraph to cover information unsatisfactorily presented in the interview:

In reviewing the interview:

  • I feel that I did not accurately answer your question about travel, schedule requirements, etc.
  • I may have conveyed hesitancy about travel, extra working hours or other special considerations.
  • Your subsequent explanations and descriptions of the job helped me realize that I would find the situations mentioned to be acceptable.

The thank you note examples and thank you note  samples can be handy too.

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art_tip Thank You Letter TemplatesIf you have a difficulty with your thank you note templates, instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use:

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