Reference Letter Examples


Please replace all tags in the reference letter examples e.g. [ Individual's Name ] with your own information:

Date of writing

Mr. / Ms. Name of referrer
Referrer's Title
Company / Organization
Street Address
City, State / Province, Zip / Postal Code
Phone number with area code
E-mail address if available

Dear [Name of Employer or University Official] or [TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN]:

This reference letter is provided at the request of [individual's name]. S/he has asked me to provide this letter that s/he may show to any prospective (employer, school, etc.) who asks her/him for references.

2nd paragraph (See suggestions below for possible applicable paragraphs.)

[Individual's name]  has been employed [participated in an internship, work-study program, etc.] by our company since [date] and has held the following position(s):

  • [list each position and salary].

In [her/his] most recent position, [s/he] had responsibility for [explain the individual's main responsibilities].

[State your estimation of his/her performance, based on performance appraisals or other work records that would support your evaluation].

[Individual's name] has a number of strengths to offer, interacted well with co-workers, was reliable and showed good judgment. [List qualities supporting each one with examples.]

In conclusion, I would (highly) recommend [individual's name].

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

(Handwritten signature)
Referrer's name (typed)

1.      Paragraph to add information not covered in the letter:

This is a confidential letter and should by shared only with individuals in your organization who are directly involved in the selection / hiring decision. Moreover, it should not be disclosed to anyone outside of your organization without the written consent of [individual's name].

2.      Additional information not included in 1 above:

This letter should not be shown to [individual's name] who waived the right to see the letter.

The reference letter samples and reference letter templates can be handy too.

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