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Job seekers have been advised for long time to emphasize action verbs/action words/power words in their job-search applications. That action verbs/action words/power words associated with "what you did" are the keywords. In the vast majority of cases, they are nouns but they can be phrases too - like in examples below:

Acted as department-wide expert on verification procedures for assuring forward compatibility.

Administered enterprise network.

Analyzed developments in Internet technology and proposed far-reaching Web strategy to improve client services and firm visibility.

Analyzed performance of programming code to pinpoint frequently used inefficiency algorithms. Selective code replacement resulted in ___% decrease in processing time.

As IT Liaison, contributed to third-party "business impact analysis workshops" providing input on methods to best address issues impeding the development of individual business continuity plans.

As technical subject matter expert, evaluating, selecting and integrating all information security-related projects.

Bachelor's degree in computer science or similar field.

Completed major product release, meeting very aggressive, externally committed schedule and budget.

Conducted surveys of operations to assess needs and identify high priority improvements.

Coordinated integration efforts, developed operational procedures, and implemented and supported LANs and WANs with ___ nodes.

Coordinated site surveys and authored technical documentation.

Created a fully automated Web ordering/payment system using Java, merging customer database with Web presence to provide a personalized experience for customers.

Created user documentation to assist in remote operation and troubleshooting.

Designed routines to receive Web orders, build customer records, created invoices, and issued unlock password codes to maintain privacy.

Designed wide-area network using innovative mobile technologies to maintain constant information of truck locations.

Developed and implemented technology standards, reducing unnecessary complexity and realizing a savings of $___M annually on maintenance costs.

Developed and maintained complex applications to deliver data-driven content to Web users.

Developed proposal for $___M capital investment, resulting in a decrease of $___M in annual maintenance costs while significantly updating computing environment.

Devised an "FAQ" Access database designed to minimize technical support inquiries and provide users with "instant" information. After three months of use, average call volume decreased by ___% while customer satisfaction levels increased by __%.

Drove the "customer issue escalation resolution", decreasing backlog of customer issues by ___%.

Established targets for equipment life cycles to maximize productive use of technology at all levels of the organization.

Experimented with new technologies and routines to increase efficiency and reduce processing time.

Extensive experience working in an organization using complex technology management experience in a complex, multi-platform development and processing environment.

Fixed exception-handling defects in compiler, addressing both compile-time and run-time errors.

Implemented backup systems using radio and cellular signaling to supplement global satellite system.

Implemented firm's first-ever disaster recovery plan to ensure minimal productivity loss.

Instigated standardized technical recovery and supporting management plans company-wide. Produced templates, a review cycle and naming standards.

Instituted technical countermeasures to identify threats and attempted security breaches.

Integrated location, scheduling, and delivery system information to allow real-time schedule modifications and to inform delivery locations of early or late deliveries.

Key contact point for business continuity issues working closely with diverse business units nationally.

Led the most complex and inclusive system recovery tests in CGU's history.

Maintained responsibility for network engineering, design, implementation, integration, and technical support for Unisys projects.

Managed and coordinated network operation efforts, IT planning, security, and other technical areas.

Managed and monitored physical and logical configurations, and provided expert solutions to rapidly growing, complex, global Wide Area Network.

Managed and support nationwide telecommunications network, providing critical network support for various sub-agencies.

Mentored and trained project members in writing forward-compatible code.

Met with finance officer to assess programming needs and supplied custom code to meet specifications.

Met with partners and office staff to map current processes and determine needs.

Monitor and assure compliance with federal regulations and industry standards, instituting changes as they occur.

Optimized existing code by identifying and rewriting inefficient subroutines, reducing processing time by over ___% for some jobs.

Oversaw implementation of networking and data communications programming to interface central computing resources with desktop computers.

Ported source code to multiple platforms to widen product availability and increase sales by ___%.

Prepared RFPs for major technology infrastructure build-outs and refreshes.

Proven record of managing software/hardware system integration projects/programs.

Provided 2nd and 3rd level support for ___ clients in isolating and troubleshooting communication problems for public and private nationwide WANs.

Provided consultation to Fortune 1000 clients in the areas of network architecture, network integration, capacity planning, and systems engineering.

Redesigned build-generation process, reducing build errors, simplifying user interface and decreasing build times by ___%.

Reduced IT expenses more than $___ million.

Researched and evaluated third-party Web applets; prototyped, developed, tested, and delivered solution for secure, personalized employee benefit Web pages.

Set up test environment and pilot-tested interface designs with financial staff, ensuring that final design met users' needs.

Spearheaded development of internal information security committee, comprised of team member from all corporate function to ensure security is addressed in all business processes and activities.

Successfully maintained connectivity between host systems, including native operating system protocols, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NETBIOS, and peripheral sharing devices using NFS.

Supported fiber optic backbone, Novell-based LANs (___ file servers, ___ PCs, ___ terminals and ___ shared printers), mini-computers (H-P, IBM and DEC), and metropolitan WAN (___ remote sites).

Supported global network for facilities and users in ___ countries.

Supported mainframe to PC connectivity and data transfer, enabling expert users to employ desktop software to analyze mainframe data.

Technical guru experienced in the software development process, deployment of technology to meet global markets and internal customer needs, as well as complex technology management and integration in a multi-platform development and processing environment.

Tested ___ applications across ___ platforms over __-weeks presiding over the project from pre-planning to post-review.

Wrote error-detection code that reduced analysis time from several days to one hour.

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Use your information keywords in all your marketing communications, including resumes, CVs, cover letter, interview follow-up letters, executive profiles and more. Carefully integrate them into the text, when and where appropriate. Be sure you are communicating a complete message of who you are and what value and knowledge you bring to the organization.

Remember, these same keywords will be the foundation for your interviews. Not only you need to be able to write about your keywords, but also you must be able to verbally communicate about them as well, in strong and powerful statements that highlight your successes, contributions and achievements.

Check the spelling and grammar of your CV or resume. Use the word processor's spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and English or other language usage errors or if you need help in organizing your resume or CV, send it to a professional for assistance.

Remember that your CV/resume must be targeted, scannable and generate hits. If you have a difficulty with your CV writing or resume writing instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use CV samplesCV templates, resume samples and resume templates or:

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So, prepare a cover letter convincing the reader why you are the best candidate for the interview.
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