The best written resume is worthless if no one sees it!

Send Resumes to Job Recruiters

art_remember send resumesThe best written resume is worthless if no one sees it!

So, use one of the following methods to send resumes:


This is the best method. We recommend that you include both, a resume and a cover letter.

Five compelling reasons why you should apply on line:

  • It's fast. The person with the power to hire you could be reading your job application within minutes of you sending it.
  • It's inexpensive. It's cheaper, per resume, then the cost of a postal stamp! No paying stationary, couriers or long distance phone charges.
  • It's easy. Send applications right from your computer desktop. You can paste files (like your CV or cover letter) from your own hard drive or floppy disk.>
  • It's preferred. Most of recruitment consultants keep electronic files on candidates. If you send paper, someone has to scan or key it into their system. Improve your prospects by making life easier for job recruiters, employment agencies and recruitment agencies or employers.
  • It works. We get e-mails from very happy job seekers and very satisfied employers who have met up via e-mail. The Internet is changing the way "we've always done things". Embrace change and all the opportunities it offers.

So, send resume by selecting suitable for you services from the:

CV & Resume Distribution Services

Snail Mail

  • To maximize the computer's ability to read your resume, provide the cleanest original. Make your resume scannable.
  • Use good quality plain white 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 paper.
  • Print on one side only.
  • Provide a laser printer original if possible. An ink jet printer or a high quality typewriter original is OK. Avoid dot matrix printouts and low quality copies.
  • Send printed originals by regular mail or courier in large envelope.
  • Folded, stapled or otherwise mutilated resumes will not scan well.


  • Fax is not a good idea because it will degrade print quality.
  • However, when faxing use a minimum 12 font size and set the fax to "Fine Mode". The recipient will get a better quality copy.

We are strongly recommending that you send resumes together with cover letters.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

Other Send Resumes Info

Be proactive and send resumes to employers and recruiters in the oil industry through RigWorker.

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Send resumes and good luck with your job search!


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