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Business Keywords

Job seekers have been advised for long time to emphasize action verbs/action words/power words in their job-search applications. That action verbs/action words/power words associated with "what you did" are the keywords. In the vast majority of cases, they are nouns but they can be phrases too - like in examples below:

Achieved a ___% to ___% decrease in project time by creating automated balance spreadsheets.

Actively engaged in company audits; audits included substantive testing of fixed assets and other major expense categories.

Analyzed product line profitability and service delivery methods for over ___ carriers in ___ countries.

Assessed office efficiency and streamlined duties to increase productivity and profit margin.

Assessed profitability through analysis of financial statements and ratios.

Assumed complete management of a $___ annual supplier account averaging ___ separate invoices monthly.

Authored business plan and developed and implemented system of key‐performer indicators.

Boosted team productivity by approximately __%.

Championed a new system of work priorities that placed emphasis on the immediate and error‐free project completion.

Conceived, launched, and solidified changes to the company's existing job costing model to refine profit recognition for each construction project.

Conducted expense analysis of healthcare insurance benefits, which resulted in annual cost savings of ___%.

Coordinated ___ major projects over $___ each and insured all engineers followed regulations on construction.

Created approximately __ spreadsheets used for expense analysis that reduced project time by at least ___ hours each week.

Demonstrated team spirit by sharing insights, independent research, and knowledge with colleagues in need of assistance with calculations, methodology, spreadsheet automation and more.

Designed and negotiated comprehensive employee benefits package, including health insurance, life insurance, and long‐term disability, to realize significant cost savings.

Developed and implemented an automated spreadsheet used to track budgets year to year, reducing project time by at least ___%.

Developed and implemented comprehensive annual budgets, and provided accurate and timely monthly reports to control budget overruns.

Developed and reviewed financial reports.

Devised and implemented significant cost‐reduction, revenue increase and cash flow improvement measures throughout professional career by restructuring staff responsibilities, upgrading technology or evaluating purchasing and sales procedures and improving reporting systems.

Earned reputation for refined ability to attract and maintain solid client relations.

Eliminated non‐profitable jobs by implementing a cost history database.

Enhanced cash flow by ___% and reduced past due invoices through improved operations.

Ensured highest client satisfaction and retention rates by quickly resolving service issues.

Established a highly productive and motivated team through task delegation, encouragement, and active collaboration between staff and management.

Established a routine customer follow‐up system to encourage regular on‐time payments.

Facilitated $___ million cost cut by compiling categorized data of cost reduction options.

Formulated and graphed monthly and quarterly sales analysis spreadsheets to re‐focus sales activity and achieve a ___% gain in sales.

Generated revenue increase of ___% due to regional promotion.

Identified $___ in obsolete/retired assets during a $___ fixed asset cleanup currently in progress.

Implemented cost‐reduction measures that improved productivity and revenue.

Improved reporting turnaround time and accuracy through upgrading and streamlining staff responsibilities and resources.

Improved efficiencies by ___% to ___% by creating a month‐end report spreadsheet, which reduced project time.

Instrumental in researching and negotiating employee benefits.

Maintained payment schedules and freight expenditures.

Managed ___ accounts with small‐ and medium‐size businesses.

Managed the timely creation and distribution of Projects.

Mediated/negotiated special payment terms, restored customer confidence, and preserved strong alliances.

Monitored performance and projections for real estate assets.

Negotiated effectively with vendors to delay payments to ___+ days, as needed.

Organized, restructured, and implemented new accounting system to transform manual system to computerized format.

Penetrated accounts by educating and up‐selling clients on new products.

Played a key role in developing and introducing new corporate policies and procedures that increased productivity levels and improved internal controls involving accounting, inventory control, customer service, warranty service, and shipping/receiving.

Processed month‐end closings and monthly reports.

Produced ___% manufacturing cost savings as project leader for outsourcing of machining and assembly operation.

Received recognition from company president for outstanding performance and attention to detail.

Reorganized processes to improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Saved more than $___ in annual taxes with new business structure.

Secured additional working capital at below market interest rates by preparing specific revenue projections.

Slashed processing times by ___% and dramatically reduced operator workloads by implementing computerized automation process.

Spearheaded the implementation of new management software, which resulted in increased productivity levels among employees.

Successfully coordinated external and internal audits, completing all projects on time, in total compliance with government standards.

Supervised and trained a team of staff in daily job responsibilities, which ensured proper handling of all transactions.

Tracked and managed expenditures involving $1___ weekly.

Trained new hires on standard operations and ethical practices to ensure professional service.

Upgraded corporate procedures, integrating and streamlining information systems resulting in timely exchange of information.

Used Excel and IBM mainframe to manage company data.

Within first year, grew business from 0 to $___ during a collapsed stock market period. Crossed the $___ a few months later.

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Use business keywords in all your marketing communications, including resumes, CVs, cover letter, interview follow-up letters, executive profiles and more. Carefully integrate them into the text, when and where appropriate. Be sure you are communicating a complete message of who you are and what value and knowledge you bring to the organization.

Remember, these same keywords will be the foundation for your interviews. Not only you need to be able to write about your keywords, but also you must be able to verbally communicate about them as well, in strong and powerful statements that highlight your successes, contributions and achievements.

Check the spelling and grammar of your CV or resume. Use the word processor's spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and English or other language usage errors or if you need help in organizing your resume or CV, send it to a professional for assistance.

Remember that your CV/resume must be targeted, scannable and generate hits. If you have a difficulty with your CV writing or resume writing instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use CV samplesCV templates, resume samples and resume templates or:

Most recruiters expect to receive a cover letter together with your resume or CV.
So, prepare a cover letter convincing the reader why you are the best candidate for the interview.
If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

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