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Professional with more than 15 years experience in a management capacity within the banking industry, including branch management and IT technical support. Management experience includes total profit and loss responsibility, budget preparation, controlling expenditures, increasing sales, improving team performance, all activities of personnel supervision and management, insuring compliance with policies and established practices, interpreting regulations, developing excellent customer rapport, resolving problems, and project management activities.


Houston City Bank, Houston, Texas
1998 - 1999
Assistant Vice President - Branch Manager

Managed all operations and maintained total profit and loss responsibility for a new branch office in the Montrose / Museum District. Supervised up to seven employees.
• Hired specifically for the start-up of these operations.
• Grew the business from zero to over $8 million in eight months for deposit base.
• Established individual and branch goals: achieved 110% of plan at $1.6 million the first quarter.
• Averaged 130% of goal for sales ratio each quarter.
• Created a highly cohesive working environment by introducing interactive staff meetings where each employee was responsible for conducting a five to ten minute presentation on branch products in conjunction with a written report.
• Planned the interior design of the entire branch.
• Established a rotating art museum in the lobby to display work of local artists, and worked to accommodate different customers' tastes.

Morgan Bank of Texas, Austin, Texas
1997 - 1998
MIS / Data Warehouse - Retail Marketing

Provided technical support to the MIS / Data Warehouse.
• Piloted the first advertising and outreach program for a particular segment of the community. Managed a $50,000 annual budget for the outreach program, participated in community and business activities, and managed a $10,000 annual budget for advertising.

Morgan Bank of Texas, Austin, Texas
1995 - 1997
Branch Support - Retail Delivery

Supported front-end software processes for 120 branches and several thousand end-users.
• Automated and updated bank programs to reflect new account services, as well as branch openings and closings.
• Managed the set-up of all computer systems, peripherals, and furniture for eight new branch openings.
• Initiated and developed written procedures for establishing computer systems and related equipment.

Morgan Bank of Texas, Austin, Texas
1987 - 1995
Project Manager / Technology Services Officer

Served as a project manager and supervised a conversion to an online system that resulted in a paperless society. Supervised three areas: Mantis (software package for report distribution), RDOL (online database for customer use), and Production Control (work process analysis including recovery of lost reports and customer requests). Supervised, coordinated, and directed operations in moving new and existing applications from test to production environments. Involved heavy emphasis on customer relations.
• Chaired the Process Improvement Committee responsible for cost reduction and technology updates.
• Created an online database that allowed customers to review requests.
• Documented and streamlined all functions to allow for reduction in errors.
• Designed an online system through Paradox that allowed the customer to view report distribution.
• Conducted 20 classes for up to 400 participants, providing training on optical online system.
• Assigned as bank representative on the Quality Circle Committee, a community organization.

Morgan Bank of Texas, Austin, Texas
Supervisor / Manager
1981 - 1987

Coordinated and directed the activities of up to five departments, including data entry, computer operations, check / sort operations, customer balancing, and distribution. Supervised approximately 15 employees.

First Union Bank, Kensey, Pennsylvania
Customer Service Representative
1981 - 1981
First Northern Bank, Wellingford, Pennsylvania
1979 - 1980


Completed coursework in Business Administration and Computer Science
Completed coursework in Principles of Bank Operations and Psychology

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