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e-Commerce – Manufacturing – Semiconductors

Core Qualifications


IT Planning & Development
Enterprise Application
Systems Design & Implementation
International Trade
Real-Time Programming
Manufacturing Execution Systems
Process Re-Engineering

Leadership Software / Process Development
Project Management
Global Team Management
Application Service Provider
Revenue Growth
Enterprise Application Systems
Manufacturing Execution Systems


Technical Skills

Software: Java, HTML, XML, C++, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, COBOL, and SQL
Design: OOA & D, UML, and SSADM
RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, Objectivity, and Sybase
Hardware / Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, HP-UX, Sun Solaris

Career Progression

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, New Wave Advisor Technologies

2003 to 2005

Sacramento, CA

  • Launched an iterative design and development process based on RUP and UML, which significantly reduced development costs, increased product quality, and lowered implementation costs.
  • Recruited by President/CEO to define organization’s technology vision and develop strategic IT plans.
  • Managed full scope   of IT operations,   including software development,   networking, infrastructure, and security. Spearheaded project to re-engineer existing obsolete application architecture and Web-based application. Led company through several security audits and application vulnerability assessments with 100% compliance. Supervised 19 engineers in national and international operating centers.

Performance highlights:

  • Reduced customer support costs 25% by renegotiating agreements with two largest clients; augmented annual revenues $2 million through IT and software engineering department restructuring and staff reassignments.
  • Lowered website development and client engagement expenses 80%, development costs 50%, and maintenance costs 30% by implementing a design centric, iterative software, which improved development processes and increased project management effectiveness.
  • Saved company $250K+ annually by negotiating new contract with ASP service providers and creating parallel instances for clients without any service interruption.
  • Managed major outsourcing project to transfer maintenance of legacy applications to company’s offshore unit in Pakistan. Efforts were successful and company achieved SAS 70 Type II compliance.
SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MANAGER, ABC Solutions America / ABC Electronics, Inc. 1997 to 2003

Roseville, CA

  • Developed new, fault-tolerant, high-availability Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA) and oversaw implementation of new MES systems in company facilities worldwide.
  • Brought onboard by MIS Director (UK operations) to develop, deploy, and support the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Management and Reporting systems at electronic plant in California. Collaborated with ABC corporate staff in Thailand to develop operation image and supporting software for company’s next generation 300mm Fabrication & Wafer Sort facilities. Managed team of 20 engineers, database administrators, and Quality Assurance engineers.

Performance highlights:

  • Helped company circumvent millions of dollars in lost production by redesigning and extending current application architecture to serve as backup mainframe for factory production lines. New architecture was adopted throughout other company facilities.
  • Decreased escalating product re-working costs by revising production line processes and automating critical aspects of production operations. Company saved $15 million in personnel costs, educed manual processes 92%, and increased inventory levels, which later sold for $2 million.
  • Shrunk development and production costs 30% by instituting new development standards; Further trained engineers on new processes and separated quality assurance and software engineering functions, which helped company save $500,000 in reproduction costs and obtain 35% increase in application quality.
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, ABC Semiconductors (UK) 1993 to 1997

London, UK

  • Orchestrated design, development, implementation, and support of new MES system for new 200mm fabrication and wafer sort facility.
  • Team leader for software engineering department charged with managing computer systems development and support for manufacturing operations. Directed high profile projects and supervised seven employees, including engineers, database administrator, and quality assurance engineers. Assigned two-year project to install new computer systems in Thailand corporate headquarters.

Performance highlights:

  • Embarked on extensive course to learn Japanese language and become acclimated to social and business culture before leading project team in Hiroshima to successfully install new application. Saved company $1 million in development expenses and $500K in implementation costs by completing project six months ahead of schedule.  
  • Assumed reigns at last minute on critical system development project with no prior knowledge or experience with system. Gained insight and expertise through onsite visits and completed project with seven engineers $250,000 under budget and two months earlier.
SOFTWARE ENGINEER, The United Bank of London, London, UK 1991 to 1993
  • Reduced customer wait time for printed receipts 50% by designing new specifications for print module thus improving speed and quality for ATM network systems. Developed online, real-time programs to support bank operations and ATM transactions and activities.

Education & Certifications

  • MSc in Computer Science & Information Systems, University of San Francisco, Sacramento, CA
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, University of London, London, UK
  • Certificate in Project Management, University of California, Davis

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