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Bilingual Professional with 12 years experience in EDI management, sales and production forecasting, sales administration, and financial analysis. Background includes tracking retail sales at the customer level, forecasting, point of sales analysis, vendor margin inventory, tracking trends and the history of products, matching goals based on sales forecasts, competition comparisons, adjustments, and pricing schedules.
Goldman and Frank, Houston, Texas
1995 - Present
Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Operations
Manage all EDI and forecasting operations for this $237 million global corporation (primary emphasis on Mexico, South America, and Europe). Track customer retail sales to facilitate information and provide senior management with production and sales planning tools. Serve as liaison between the company and accounts to coordinate and direct all EDI project management activities. Supervise a technical support team, as well as 15 sales managers. Call on EDI coordinators and information technology support staff at each account. Major domestic accounts include Kmart, Target, and Walgreens. International accounts include Sam's Club and Wal-Mart.
• Recruited by the vice president of marketing to spearhead this new management area, and coordinated the introduction of the EDI system into Igloo's operations (reduced turnaround time for sales order from up to three weeks down to one day, and reduced expenses by $350,000 per year).
• Participated on a team with senior management to develop and implement an automated demand solution software application (improved accuracy of information, decreased the production schedule by almost 93%, provided sales managers with more information on their accounts, and subsequently increased sales).
• Created a database that develops the sales plan based on product performance, evaluation, and analysis.
• Interacted with representatives of the government of Mexico to provide the product design staff with standards and worked with U.S. customs to prepare certificates of origin.
• Developed and mapped individual Gentran purchase order and product delivery software with an EDI translator to meet each client's specific needs.
• Contributed to a 158% growth in sales.
• Researched and prepared marketing data for four acquisitions, including history of accounts, competition, pricing schedules, and adjustments.
Goldman and Frank, Houston, Texas
1994 - 1995
Sales Administration Manager
Prepared point of sales for K-Mart and Wal-Mart accounts. Tracked sales and trends.
Goldman and Frank, Houston, Texas
1990 - 1994
Financial Analysis Assistant
Tracked capital expenditures and work orders. Assisted in budget development and strategic planning. Developed spreadsheets and helped in preparing financial information used in selling the company.
Fluent in Spanish
Computer skills include Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Paradox, EDI, Demand Solution, Kmart Pin, and Wal-Mart Retail Link.
B.A., Business

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